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'Suits' Preview: What you should know about the winter premiere


Suits returns to USA Network this Thursday with the first of six new episodes to complete its sophomore season. When we last left our friends at Pearson Hardman, things were a little dicey. Harvey and Mike had managed to help Jessica oust Daniel Hardman once and for all, but not everything was champagne and celebrating.

Mike was on a downward spiral after losing his grandmother and just when Rachel was ready to admit that maybe she wanted to give a relationship a try, Mike got high and slept with his married former girlfriend and Rachel found out about it. Meanwhile, Louis has been made senior partner, but Harvey and Jessica know that he betrayed them and that is not going to be easy to get past.


So what’s next for our favorite lawyers and (fake) associates? I previewed the first two episodes, “Blind-Sided” and “Blood in the Water,” and they are intense and awesome and filled with everything that makes Suits arguably the best drama on television at the moment. Here are a few teases as to what to expect from the first two episodes.

-Hardman is gone, but that does not mean the battle is over. Word has gotten out that there are a lot of internal issues at Pearson Hardman and people are jumping ship or being lured away, both lawyers and clients. Harvey sets out to investigate and finds a familiar face behind the attempted takeover.

-Girl Louis (Rachel Harris) makes her return to help a Harvard graduate get an associate position at the law firm. The attraction between Louis and Girl Louis is explored and it remains sweet and a little scary at the same time. But hiring the associate could lead to a much bigger problem for the firm.

-Mike (thankfully) sees the error of his ways fairly quickly, but don’t expect Rachel or Harvey to instantly forgive him. We get to see a surprising side of Rachel and learn something about her past that doesn’t really fit with the woman we’re used to seeing. Mike once again finds himself in the middle of things between Harvey and Louis.

-Speaking of Harvey, he wants to take the first steps toward a real romantic relationship, but it’s probably not with the woman most people are hoping it’s with as Jacinda Barrett reprises her role as Zoe. But there are still plenty of fantastic Harvey and Donna moments sprinkled throughout.

Suits returns Thursday, Jan. 17 at 10 p.m. on USA Network.

Mandy Treccia
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  1. This episode was a wonderful welcome back to the law office! I was out of town on business for my job at DISH so I missed watching Blind-Sided live. Fortunately, my DISH Hopper DVR can record up to six different things at the same time during primetime with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so even though I follow other shows on the four major networks, I was able to record them all. This couldn’t be more perfect since it seems that we’re in for some major changes with the associates.

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