‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers: January 28 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, Kate is devastated when she learns Billie is leaving town. Also: Sami makes a confession to EJ, Nicole and Kristen face off over Brady, Jennifer realizes Chloe is playing for keeps and Marlena has a serious talk with Brady.

Sneaks Peeks: Week of January 28, 2013

Rafe tells EJ that he and Sami planned to reunite before their fallout. Instead of driving EJ and Sami apart, it only brings them closer after a heartfelt conversation.

Nicole blasts Kristen for the trouble she’s caused between Brady and his family. Kristen responds to Nicole’s tirade with a vicious tongue lashing, throwing up Nicole’s troublesome past in her face. Later, Nicole comes up with a scheme to bring Kristen down.

Jennifer is rocked when she learns Chloe has moved into Daniel’s place.

Nick’s on the hunt for information on Lucas and Will. Unfortunately for Nick, Will may be close to discovering his intentions.

Billie and Kate share an emotional goodbye.

Hope is evasive about Bo.

Marlena comes clean to Brady about John.

Kristen’s “feelings” for Brady may be turning genuine. How will that affect her plan? Maybe she’ll get some help from a man of the cloth.

Sami tells EJ that she’s finally seen him and Rafe for who they really are…

DVR Alerts

Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.
Wednesday: Nick reveals his past in prison to Gabi.

Source Look Ahead: Week of February 4, 2013

Nick steps up his efforts to trap Lucas and Will. Sami and EJ finally make love.



  1. It is a big bang moment for EJ and Sami fans! At last we hope to see romance that is real and heart warming. These are the moments that the fans live for each day in their bust lives!

  2. I never dreamed I would be excited about a soap opera but I can hardly wait
    for Monday when I see Allison & James(EJami)again. What talent! They make
    the screen come alive.

  3. Feels like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for EJami to finally get together,can I trust these writers to do it properly? Probably not but AS/JS will blow those scenes out of the water so as from today up to the lovemaking will watch with the DVR on so that I have those scenes to comfort me if things go pearshaped later on ! 

  4. this same old rape excuse is really lame. Have people ever heard of Luke and Laura on General Hospital,he raped her and they are the original supercouple. If I even for a moment believed Days was trying to do a proper rape storyline with what went down with Sami and EJ maybe I would care more but obviously like many other soaps they are not trying to send a message about anything serious;thats why people on soaps don’t behave like real people and use protection or have abortions or are single mothers ,its just entertainment. Lets be real in a soap chemistry trumps everything including rape and being shot in the head!

  5. spoiler alert: according to soap opera digest Sonny is going to go on a date wwith Brian (remember him?) and Will is going to see them kissing (either next week or Feb sweeps). 

  6. This is a longtime coming! EJami is going to make LOVE! I read the spoilers and did a “double take” went back and re-read them. I had been on a spoiler hiatus until someone told me to read this! SQUEEEE Thank you Ryan, you made my day, my night! I’m so happy. EJami deserve to make love and be happy! They deserve a chance!!! Go EJami!!!!

  7. Finally, EJ and Sami together!!!!  I think this will bring a dose of fresh air to the show.  

  8. Forget about Sami and EJ what about Sonny and Will??  Those two guys are the only story line that has me interested and the only reason why I started tuning in again.

  9. So when she sees Rafe she sees Fake Rafe?  Tell me why was Fake RAfe even in her bed…her home. God this show is disgusting!

  10. I love these spoilers but please let’s have Sami chosing Ej for EJ not because she is mad at Rafe,please !! If they really want to give viewers a real Ej and Sami story they have to make it legit.
    With Tomlin and co i am still pretty septic, been burned too much times..therefore we will see..

  11. They had their story actually between 2003 and 2008, it is a soap let’s have Ej and Sami having their chance at a real, legit relationship for a while after that we will see, it is a soap

  12. EJ and Sami finally make love. Finally! Now lets just let these two be happy together for once! The only man to truly love Sami for who she is…the good AND the bad. She deserves happiness, after all she has been through in love. Let the man who has loved her all this time…yes he hurt her badly…as she hurt him…let them heal each other join together as the super couple they are and be a force to be reckoned w/in Salem!

  13. I love Ejami but let’s not forget ratings depend of good stories, good writing not so much about couples really..

  14. Please always the same tired argument..Lucas tried to kill her and she had a full-on romance with him so really..eyeroll..

  15.  You’re right. EJ pulls away week of the 21st.  Looks like they actually make love week of February the 4th. 

    Either way, I can’t stop jumping up and down.  So excited!!!!!!!

  16. where  is  sonny  and  will  in  these  spoliers they  have  to  get  back  together  to  raise  this  baby  together  and  get  marryed  and  live  happley  ever  after  they  have  to  cry  in  each  other  arms  and  french  kiss  and  make  up

  17. I am so excited to see EJAMI finally giving the chance to be together!  Those two are dynamic!!  I can’t wait to see the ratings skyrocket!  They may explode the ratings chart altogether!!  I love a well-written love story and with actors like EJAMI, even mediocre writing blows  me away!  EJAMI is a supercouple in the making!  I’ve been waiting YEARS for these two and I can’t wait until February!!!!

  18. Me too!!!!!!! It all seems to make sense now and come together.  Corday’s comment, Ali’s interview.  Yay!

  19. Don’t forget spoilers also say that when they begin to make love, EJ pulls back.  The big lovemaking scene won’t be until Feb sweeps.  Not a quicky.

  20. OMG! I’m so excited!  Ejami finally!  I think I might actually be happier about what Rafe tells EJ bringing them closer than the love making, but it’s sure close!  This is the best Days has ever been!  Yay Days!!!

  21. awesome! awesome! awesome!
    haha rafe tries to put a wedge between them but it only brings them closer together!

  22. I can’t wait for the EJami lovemaking scenes. JS and AS are going to blow those scenes of the charts….

  23. EJAMI MAKE LOVE!!! YES! I am so excited about this. Ryan you are amazing for letting us know… I cannot wait for February!

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