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‘Hart of Dixie’ Review: Islands in the Stream Brings Mama Drama and the Search for a Strumpet


Hart of Dixie’s second season has been fantastic and I have to admit that I was a little nervous a few weeks ago when I received the episode description for tonight’s episode, “Islands in the Stream.” It warned that George’s parents were going to be in town and George’s mother wanted to play matchmaker between George and Zoe.Obviously, I rolled my eyes because no matter how hard the show tries to beat us over the head with the idea of George and Zoe being soulmates, I’m never, ever going to believe it. But Season 2 has been great so I was willing to give the episode the benefit of the doubt and save my judgment and I’m happy that I did because despite the hints at George and Zoe being made for each other (pauses for eye roll), this was another great episode and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Wade and Zoe and George and Tansy were each doing their separate, individual couple things (i.e. being super adorable) and their worlds collided at a movie theater. This is after George’s parents discover that he lives on a boat now and spotted Tansy in nothing but a towel. George’s dad was going with the flow, but his mother was in ‘fix it’ mode and did not want to give Tansy a chance, especially when she learned she lived in a trailer and did hair. So of course when they bump into Zoe and Wade and she sees George and Zoe happily chatting about the foreign film they all saw, her wheels start turning and she decides they need to be together.

After both couples lied to cancel a double dinner date, they end up at the same restaurant again and it’s a little awkward (Tansy tries to cover by picking a hilarious fight with George where she just randomly yells at him), but they sit at their separate tables and everything is good until George’s mom texts George and Zoe and tells them that his dad is having heart problems and they must get to the boat immediately. They leave and Wade and Tansy take it in stride and sit down to have dinner together. But when Zoe and George get to the boat, George’s mama hijacks them and warns them that they can’t get off the boat until they admit they want to be together or give her a good reason why they’re not.

Back at the restaurant, Wade gets a text from Zoe and nonchalantly relays to Tansy that George’s mother kidnapped them. Tansy starts to freak out, but Wade takes it in stride and says this isn’t his first time getting caught in the George and Zoe shenanigans. Tansy still wants to check it out and demands that Wade drive her to the boat. Mama George continues to ‘lawyer’ the non-couple and she gets them to confess that they have feelings for each other just as Wade and Tansy walk on the boat. Mama George is thrilled, but no one else is happy with the situation. George tries to set everything straight and Tansy decides to break up with him.

George goes after her and he assures her that if he and Zoe wanted to be together, they would be. He admits that if he never ends up with Zoe, he’ll be okay with that. Zoe comes outside just in time to hear that and she admits that she feels the same way. She also says that surprisingly, she’s happy with Wade, who reminds them that he can hear them from inside the boat. George and Tansy are back on track, Wade and Zoe are back on track and all is good, even if Wade does feel a little more uncertain than he likes at the idea of Zoe going back to New York someday.

Elsewhere, Magnolia discovers a bra stuffed in the couch cushions and she and Lemon realize that Brick is seeing someone. In true Lemon fashion, she needs to find out who the “trollop” is because Brick is vulnerable after his breakup with Emily. Shelby is more afraid of Lemon than she wants to admit and ends up balking when she has an opportunity to tell Lemon the truth. Brick makes it look like Shelby is his new receptionist and then starts to treat her like one since they’ve been without one for awhile and there’s a lot of work to be done. But Lemon isn’t one to quit and heads to the office to talk to Shelby and unmask the “strumpet’s” identity. A badly timed phone call from Annabeth leads Lemon to believe her best friend is the one sleeping with her father and she storms out to go find her.

Annabeth had recently met a British man named Oliver and she was enamored with him, but Lavon was suspicious and convinced he’d seen him somewhere before. It turns out that he has a medical condition that causes him to develop a foreign accent from his migraine headaches and he lets people believe what they want to. Lavon doesn’t want Annabeth to get hurt so he forces Oliver to tell her the truth. Annabeth insists that the accent is not important and convinces Oliver to take the pills that will help the migraine and make him lose the accent, which was the reason she was calling Brick.

Lemon shows up and berates her father and Annabeth, but Brick misunderstands and keeps digging a bigger hole, but Annabeth picks up on it and once she does, Brick admits that Shelby is the woman he was sleeping with. Lemon is stunned, apologizes to Annabeth and then makes nice with Shelby and Brick, but as soon as her father’s back is turned, she warns Shelby that their relationship is not going to last if she has anything to say about it.

Oliver leaves Annabeth a message and lets her know that he’s decided to move on to a new town and she knows it was because she reacted badly when he used his real voice after taking the pills. Lavon and Annabeth have a moment and it seems like the mayor is a lot more invested in Annabeth than he has been letting on, which is adorable because it makes me like Lavon again. However, I do worry that Annabeth will end up getting hurt since he’s probably not over The Worst and there’s always the Lemon issue.

But for now, it was a cute ending to another fun episode. Yes, I could have done without the George and Zoe rehash and I don’t like that Wade is having doubts, but overall, it was an enjoyable hour of TV and sometimes, that’s all we can ask for. Next week, a flu epidemic breaks out in Bluebell so that should be interesting…


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  1. I really didn’t like how they had Zoe and George rehash all their feelings. Zoe and Wade are such a cute couple, and I don’t like that they made Wade have some doubts about the relationship. I was finishing my shift at DISH when this aired last night, so I made sure it was set up on my DISH Hopper to record. I can set up to six recordings at once during the primetime hours, which is awesome because I have so many shows on at once. I usually will be able to avoid any DVR conflicts with the Hopper and I love that.

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