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‘Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Dangerous Territory

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This week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries was all about dangerous territory. For Carrie, this was all about a brand new guy (Sebastian who?) and an attempt to get her driver’s license. For Mouse, it was learning how to have better sex with the help of Walt, who I’m referring to as Dr. Sally henceforth. Maggie’s dangerous territory was a Hunger Games-style death match over the diner with Donna LaDonna. Finally, Carrie’s father headed into uncharted territory as he braves the waters of dating once again.

Carrie runs into an old rich friend, George, at her law firm internship. Literally. She runs right into him. No wonder she charms all these boys! George invites Carrie to his mothers’ upcoming soiree but she declines. However, while attempting to parallel park during her driver’s test, Carrie witnesses a Sebastian-Donna LaDonna liplock. Shocked by these events, she fails her driver’s test and learns that the two are dating now. Talk about a bad day! It’s way out of left field that Sebastian would all of a sudden decide Donna is the right girl for him, especially after she clawed all over him the previous episode. In an attempt to turn things around, Carrie does what any girl would do when she finds out her ex is with someone else: go out with an equally as attractive boy – George. Blythe, George’s ex-girlfriend shows up, fresh off a stint in rehab, and instantly take a disliking to Carrie. We know she’s supposed to be a bad girl because she’s wearing a red dress. It’s probably also because her name is Blythe. The new mean girl threatens Carrie that George will get bored with her, but our heroine stands up for herself and tells Blythe to back off. George’s mother isn’t a fan of Carrie either – telling George he doesn’t need to be with someone like her – which Carrie overhears. Carrie runs out, but George reveals how much he truly cares four young Bradshaw, despite the differences in their worlds. Carrie and George’s mother finally bond once she learns she’s a Bradshaw. It turns out that George’s mom and Carrie’s mother were close friends before she passed, leaving the two to reminisce about what a wonderful woman she was.

Mouse is worried that she’s bad as sex, which may be why Seth doesn’t want to do it with her anymore. To try and make herself better, she seeks the advice of Walt, who Maggie claims is great in bed. Turns out Walt watched a how-to video to learn his ‘moves,’ which helped him. Sadly, this VHS can’t make him straight like he’s hoping. After having sex with Mouse, Seth believes Mouse slept with someone else to learn her new moves – an accusation Mouse doesn’t deny after he reveals he slept with two girls during their break-up. Although Seth believes it’s okay for him to sleep with people, he doesn’t think it’s okay for Mouse. He begs her to tell him who she slept with, to which Mouse blurts out Walt’s name. Seth threatens to beat him up whenever he comes across this guy.

Maggie is furious when Donna LaDonna and her minions march into the diner and try to claim it for themselves, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She refuses to let them ruin Carrie’s safe place and uses tricks to reclaim their diner table from Donna’s clutches. Sebastian discovers Donna’s plan and tells her to stop – he likes her for who she is. Again I’ll ask, where did this personality transplant come from?

Tom Bradshaw has lost his wedding ring and he’s clearly devastated. His friend Harlan, George’s dad, however, doesn’t share his sympathy. He encourages Tom to move on, much like in every other interaction the two have had. While distracted by trying to find his ring, he hits a woman with his car. Much like every romantic comedy in the history of existence, the two form a bond and exchange numbers.

Back at the newly reclaimed diner, Mouse is forced to admit that she lied about sleeping with Walt to keep Seth from beating him up. Carrie finally passes her driver’s test and rides off into the Connecticut sunset with George.

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Favorite Moment: Carrie and George’s mother discussing Carrie’s mom. It’s interesting to get more backstory on Mrs. Bradshaw, which helps explain why Carrie is the way she is.

Hottest Character: Walt. He really can pull of a nice sweater, can’t he?

Character We Loved This Week: Mouse. I’m proud of her for calling Seth out on his sex double-standard in a very realistic scene.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Since Dorrit (thankfully) wasn’t on, this title will go to Sebastian for the week. His 180 about Donna LaDonna made no sense and is completely out of nowhere.

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: It’s a very Carrie Diaries Thanksgiving and, just like Halloween, things go horribly awry.

Rating (1-5): 3. Not as exciting as the previous installments, but the addition of a new love interest for Carrie kept this episode relevant and important to the overall story.[/textblock]

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