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‘General Hospital’ Previews: February 4 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Lucy, Todd and Heather team up to escape from Ferncliff. Duke, AJ and Michael make a last ditch effort to control ELQ’s assets; John has difficulty getting Rafe to cooperate; Britt issues Maxie an ultimatum and more!

At the PCPD, John and Sam fill each other in on recent developments involving Rafe. John tells Sam that the teen was arrested for Alison’s murder; Sam tells him Lucy’s claim that Caleb is Rafe’s father. Rafe tells Anna that he saw John kill his mother, and later repeats this claim to Sam. A mysterious figure visits the location of Alison’s murder.

John has his hands full with the murder investigation and Fercliff escapees, but is also concerned for Sam’s well-being. Later, John visits Rafe in jail and asks for his help in finding Alison’s real killer, but Rafe still accuses John of the crime. Meanwhile, Lucy is horrified to learn of Alison’s murder and fears for Rafe’s safety. After Lucy is haunted by dreams of Caleb staking his claim on Rafe, she springs into action.

Meanwhile at the jail, Caleb and another officer remove Rafe from his cell under the guise of returning to the scene of the crime. By the time Anna and Lucy arrive, Rafe is gone!

Duke to ELQ’s Rescue

Tracy is more determined than ever to rebuild ELQ and again turns to Luke for help with Carly. Tracy is surprised (and relieved) that the SEC has yet to pay her a visit. Sonny and Shawn spot Connie and Tracy talking and deduce that Tracy was Connie’s source. Meanwhile, Duke delivers bad news to AJ and Michael about ELQ’s assets. Though discouraged, the trio realize they have to step up their efforts to save the company. Duke may turn out to be their salvation when he unearths something that could tip the scales in their favor.

Also Next Week:

Lulu angrily confronts Britt for not telling her about Maxie’s tryst with Spinelli after the IVF treatment. Kevin tries to stop Todd, Lucy and Heather from escaping Ferncliff and gets a bump on the head as a reward. Maxie tries to smooth things over with a vengeful Britt, who’s tempted to reveal Maxie’s secret. Britt decides to blackmail Maxie instead. Elizabeth pushes Sabrina to tell Patrick how she really feels. As Sabrina is about to finally come clean with Patrick, Olivia confronts Sabrina about wanting Steve for herself (thanks to a vision)! Dante & Lulu and Starr & Michael have an evening of romance. Sonny is disappointed when he’s unable to convince Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. TJ and Molly are at odds over her desire to help Rafe. Todd tries to convince Carly to run away with him. Shawn realizes Sonny is developing feelings for Connie.

GH Alerts

Mac and Felicia are surprised to see Kevin on Monday, February 4.

As Johnny and Kristina await their court appearances, Johnny expresses his condolences about Trey and offers some encouragement to her on Wednesday, February 6.

Source Look Ahead: February 11, 2013 Edition

Genie Francis returns as Laura Spencer. Lucy and McBain come face-to-face. Mac fears he may have to fight for Felicia. Heather is in danger!

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