‘Nashville’ Photo Preview: Dear Brother


Photos from the Nashville episode “Dear Brother,” airing February 27 on ABC.

As featured in our preview for the episode, Juliette plans a birthday party for Deacon, which is attended by a few real life country stars. In addition, Teddy plans on bringing his mistress into his administration in the hopes of making their relationship appear appropriate.

The photos below primarily feature Teddy in his office with Rayna, Lamar and Coleman.



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  1. Thanks for the photos; it looks like there’s a lot happening in this episode, especially with Teddy and Peggy. It will be interesting to see how that goes since Teddy and Rayna aren’t divorced yet. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch this episode when it airs tonight because I’ll be working late at DISH. I’ll have to see it on my DISH Hopper. It auto-records Nashville and the other primetime shows on ABC, so it will be easy for me to see this episode even if I forget to set a timer for it.

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