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‘General Hospital’ Preview: April 1 Edition


Next week on General Hospital:  Fifty historic years have come and gone, and there are stories remembered and stories told. Golden Anniversaries bring golden opportunities and some new light on old friends. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of April 1.

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The Nurses’ Ball is Finally Here!

Epiphany gives the squeaky new interns a tour of the facility on what would have been Steve Hardy’s 50th Anniversary at General Hospital, while old friends from the past arrive in town for the festivities. Monica offers a comforting shoulder to Elizabeth and later faces blasts from her past.

The Nurses’ Ball is an event not only in honor of Robin Scorpio, but remembrance of friends who are gone or who, happily, have returned to celebrate after a long time away.  Lucy, in a maniacal and heroic feat of perseverance and sheer gumption, approved opening numbers, supervised rehearsals, amassed evening gowns, and has not committed homicide (yet).

Felix persuades Sabrina to let him give her a makeover and shine her light a little brighter so Patrick will see just what he’s missing, to which she reluctantly and nervously agrees. The Drakes are astonished when Noah arrives, wanting to honor Robin and see his granddaughter.

Patrick is unsettled when Emma tells him that Sabrina’s new “boyfriend” was embroiled in a mess with Felix. Later, he runs into Elizabeth, who again provides counsel to her friend.  He tells her that he called Sabrina, but she never responded to his message.  Elizabeth later confronts Sabrina.

Magic Milo has an attack of conscience about deleting Patrick’s voicemail message from Sabrina’s phone, and as he admits this to TJ, Sabrina walks in on the conversation. But—you guessed it—interrupted! By Lucy, who calls time for rehearsal. Dammit, Lucy.

Anna invites Olivia, Felicia, Maxie, Emma, Sabrina and Felix to her place to dress for the Ball, where much bonding and girl talk ensue. Olivia and Maxie worry for Lulu and Dante, but Felicia – who has her own worries about Mac and Frisco – urge them to try and focus on the Ball and honoring Robin. Anna and Felicia compare notes on the relationships in their lives – or, in Anna’s case, the apparent lack of one.

Felicia knows that she has to make a decision between Frisco and Mac, who have resorted to song and dance to woo her. Noah takes an interest in Bobbie’s relationship status. Could the former lovers reconnect? Offstage, Frisco counsels Maxie regarding her decisions about the baby, while the baby’s father and Ellie have a spat, make up, and take the stage together as a united front. Less united, but mending fences are Duke and Anna, who have a warm spell, and Bobbie and Lucy, who have no bloodshed.

Also Next Week

AJ is furious with Tracy for stealing the recipe from him and Michael. Tracy’s newest hire at the Quartermaine Mansion makes Monica wary.

Feeling alone while missing Kate/Connie, Sonny contacts her doctor for an update on her treatment. Later, Sonny is shocked when Brenda shows up unexpected! Sonny suspects Brenda’s returned to get revenge for how they last parted. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Carly share a long-awaited and tearful reunion. Carly opens up to Bobbie about manufactured relationship with AJ and her real one with Todd.  Bobbie urges her to follow her heart and believe in what she wants – which has always worked well for her daughter right? Not long after Bobbie departs, Jax surprises Carly with an impromptu visit. Sonny is confronted with some startling news. As he absorbs the information he’s learned, Carly is left confused and uncertain about where she stands. What did Jax tell her?

Meanwhile, the search for Lulu continues as her parents work to bring her home. Luke steps up for Laura in a dangerous situation involving the villainous Helena Cassadine.

The tension is in the air as Sonny, Carly, Jax and Brenda arrive on the red carpet.

Look Ahead: April 8 Edition

The Nurses’ Ball continues with singing and dancing all week long, mixed with deceptions, dirty deeds, disasters, and denouements. There’s a dance number you won’t want to miss, poignant moments calling for multiple tissues, and drama in droves.

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