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‘General Hospital’ Previews: March 4 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Laura wants to inform Luke about Anna’s “indiscretions” with Duke. McBain, Lucy and Rafe await their fate. Will Kate forgive Sonny? Find out what happens in our General Hospital preview for the week of March 4. 

The Unwelcome Champions of Right & Wrong

McBain, Lucy and Rafe await their fate, unsure if they’ll be prosecuted for their actions and laws they’ve broken. Luckily for Port Charles’ newest “vampire slayers,” Sam is there to champion them as the heroes they are, even as the press assails them on live TV. Anna offers her resignation as the scrutiny intensifies. Will the mayor accept?

Meanwhile, Laura continues to have Luke and Anna on her mind. She worries that Anna will break Luke’s heart with her “infidelity,” totally unaware that Luke and Anna’s Facebook status now says “single.” Duke, having come into a nice sum of Tracy’s money, takes Anna out on a date at the MetroCourt. Laura spies the pair kissing and becomes more determined than ever to tell Luke about Anna’s transgressions. It looks like Laura’s feelings for Luke aren’t so far gone. When Laura arrives to clue in Luke, she overhears Tracy gloating about tricking Duke. What will Laura do next?

Also Next Week…

Heather is desperate to apologize to Steven. Lucy tries to return to normal life and gets an update on how her actions allowed for AJ to assume control of ELQ. Molly wants Alexis to take in Rafe, much to TJ’s disappointment. Sabrina is devastated when she learns she won’t be graduating. Todd is surprised when he learns Heather is trying to atone for her crimes, and is grateful when she offers her assistance. Patrick offers a spirited defense of Sabrina to Britt.

Tracy lures Spinelli into her plan for ELQ.  Sonny and Carly argue over each other’s terrible taste in lovers. Mac confides in Kevin about Felicia; Kevin does the same about Lucy. Liz encourages Sabrina to tell Patrick how she feels; in turn, Sabrina encourages Liz to keep her date with AJ. Will Felicia give into Frisco’s persistence? Carly is disgusted when overhears AJ finalizing his date with Elizabeth. Sonny encourages Kate to give therapy another try, hoping it will help her integrate and recover. Starr is distracted by Todd’s trial.

Source Look Ahead: March 11, 2013

Elizabeth is none too pleased when she spies Carly kissing AJ. Will he get the chance to clear things up or has the damage already been done? Lulu and Dante are thrilled to see a sonogram of “their” baby. Scott has a reunion with Lucy.

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