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Victoria Principal Shoots Down Rumors of ‘Dallas’ Return

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This isn’t the story I was hoping to write at all. After an interview hinted at Victoria Principal’s possible return to Dallas, the actress confirmed today to Deadline she would not be returning to the show…ever.

Last week, Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe set off a firestorm while previewing storylines in a recent interview with TV Guide. “As we peel back the layers of the onion, a lot of things come to light. J.R. was attempting to set something in motion, and that involved Pam. I can’t reveal more, but I’m excited about the possibility of Victoria Principal coming back to the show.”

In an exclusive statement sent to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, Principal issued the following:

[textblock style=”6″]”Since the inception of ‘Dallas’, the creators and fans around the world have referred to Bobby and Pam, as the Romeo & Juliet of ‘Dallas’. I could not agree more. And since the original author of this scenario, William Shakespeare, felt compelled to make theirs a tragic love story, of epic and unforgettable deathly loss, I think I shall respect that very successful example, and leave the legacy of Bobby & Pam’s tragic love story, undisturbed and intact.

When I filmed Pam’s fatal car accident, for me that was the punctuation mark on my role as Pam. I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers, once I left ‘Dallas’, but I do take responsibility for my decision, not to risk tarnishing Bobby & Pam’s love story, with a desperate reappearance. I made this decision a long time ago with a loving and respectful heart for ‘Dallas’, Bobby & Pam and all faithful fans.”[/textblock]

Are you disappointed by this news? Were you hoping that Principal would be reprising her role? And now that she’s flat out said she isn’t interested in returning would you be upset if the role was recast? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

My Take: I am deeply saddened by this news. While on one hand, I understand why Principal wanted her love story to end as a tragedy, it didn’t, they changed the structure of the story to the point that it is now an unfinished mess.

I love Principal, and I very well may get flamed alive for this, but the character of Pam is needed on the show, and considering Principal hasn’t been seen on the show in nearly three decades I say it’s time to recast. There are plenty of out of work actresses that would kill in the role and as they say “the show must go on.”

Johnathon K.
Johnathon K. is a staff writer for TV Source Magazine. With a love of soaps, the Super Sentai Series and gaming, John's passion comes through in his writing and as a featured host of the TV Source Podcast, where he also serves as producer. In 2019, John launched his own podcast series "Our Take Media" which gives his take on various things in TV from soaps to reality television.

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  1. Yup, I know I’m not crying a river about her not returning…the story must go on.

  2. I agree..move on! besides I like Bobby’s new wife!

  3. Oh well the show must go on! I can respect her decision not to return and the writers can do as they please! I just simply want to be entertained! there may be other pass Dallas co-stars that would love to come back! call some of them…

  4. Bring Pam back and recast the role. She was in a bad accident so it would make perfect sense for a different actress because of the plastic surgery!

  5. Ditto

  6. Absolutely. She cannot force us to remember her as “Juliet”. That relationship was not a Romeo and Juliet relationship. But it was one many could identify with and that character is very much needed to put the final touches and an awesome Dallas continuation!

  7. Well said!

  8. Totally agree! I quit watching way back then when her character was written out. I think the show needs her back and as you point out, with the time that has passed, another actress with similar features could easily assume the role and become the woman we will take into our hearts and remember as Bobby’s soul mate. A lot of young people watching this show (my niece, for instance) doesn’t even know who Victoria Principal is. Pass the torch! It will work!

  9. I think the whole “Pam and Bobby” saga has been left hanging way to long. And Christopher deserves better as well as something for Bobby, be it “closure” or whatever. The character would not have to be Victoria. I believe we will have another Pamela (that’s my name, by the way) and she will take the spotlight and be the one we always remember because this TNT Dallas is so great – it is an action packed movie done in one hour. Never a dull moment. Shot on locations. This will be our Dallas to carry into the future and the next generation’s only Dallas, so a re-cast will work and Pam and Bobby will live on and on throughout time as Patrick Duffy and ____________ (the good actor they hire).

  10. Very good. We have to move on and forget Victoria. You are so right! I see a future where Bobby’s true love will be remembered by another actress name. Victoria had the nerve to say she wouldn’t do it out of respect for faithful fans. What about what faithful fans want? That is not respect for fans. That is an excuse to avoid fans. Let’s be the next Pamela’s fan. Victoria who? Touche’.

  11. I totally agree!

  12. Recast! I would rather have Victoria Principal, but she seems to have the mistaken idea that the fans want to remember a Pamela leaving and that’s it. Every fan I know wants to see those to soul mates reunited in some format. It may be Victoria’s decision but she has got to stop indicating she is doing it for the benefit of the show and the fans. That’s just not true. Her decison benefits is NONE. It may be to her benefit or just maybe she doesn’t want to act again, but I am insulted that she is turning it onto the fans.

  13. It’s been 25 years since VP abandoned the role of Pam – time to recast!!

  14. Seriously Victoria Principal is a has been anyway. Yeah a lot of people would like to see her come back. Look how she has responded she acts like she’ s too good for the show now. Though with all the plastic surgery the woman has had she would fit into the role of having been burned!!!! Honestly just recast the role and have the love affair blossom without Victoria Principal and people will be saying Victoria who???!?!?!!!

  15. I don’t think they should recast her character. It’s not that Pam’s return wouldn’t be great… but only if it was by Victoria Principal. I think they have enough going on that they really don’t need her character if it means it being someone else. But if any other old Dallas actors want to come back and join the cast full-time, that might be cool. But only if there is a good reason to do so. Even though Mandy and Cally’s characters didn’t do much… I don’t find anything wrong with those actresses simply wanting to come back and pay their respects to JR/Larry. In real life, that’s probably the way it would be… some long lost friend or ex might come to a funeral and pay their respects and then go back home… end of story. My biggest concern is how they can keep the show going past this year. It might be hard to continue into a 3rd season and beyond without JR. And the current storyline can only go so far. But anyhow, I just want to say that it was a great episode and I really think Linda Gray gave her best ever performance as Sue Ellen. Sometimes in the past she could be a bit over the top… but tonight she was totally believable and you could tell she wasn’t acting… she was simply saying goodbye to her best friend Larry Hagman. Same with Patrick Duffy. JR…. RIP…

  16. Not an easy feat to recast a character played by the same personailty actress for a decade! If they could pull that off, they would have done it by now. I wrote VP myself & suggested that if Pam wasnt to return, then she come back as someone else! Sister show “Knots Landing” was known to bring back actresses everyone loved simply as another character! Now that would get everyone’s panties in a bunch!

  17. I feel the same way. Pam had plastic surgery and looked different than Victoria after the car crash. If they used Margaret Michaels, or a similar looking actress, I’d be on board for that. Victoria Principal will be a hard act to follow, but it has been almost three decades since she left. It is time to pass the torch!

  18. I agree with a recast. I think Margaret Michaels would be good in the role and she was the last person to play Pam in 1988. The character is too important to the show to not be seen.

  19. Completely agree. I have been hoping since they announced the reurn of Dallas, that she too would return. It seems that she has confirmed that her mind is made up. And now I believe her. So – time to recast. Pam needs to return without Victoria.

  20. I agree. Pam needs to come back and I would be open to a recast

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