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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Hush Hush

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This week’s The Carrie Diaries was all about lies, something our titular character (and her friends) know about all too well. In the episode “Hush Hush,” Carrie’s juggling multiple lies that are destined to blow up in her face.

She’s lying to her dad about being at her law firm internship when she’s actually working at Interview Magazine with Larissa; she’s also lying to Larissa about being an adult when she’s really a young high school student. Maggie is still lying to Walt about sleeping with her hottie police officer, and Donna is lying about being the one to breakup with Sebastian when he actually broke up with her. And, much like all lies, you get caught eventually; sadly Carrie and friends have to learn that the hard way.

Carrie is still crushing on Sebastian but she’s waiting on a ‘grand gesture’ before reconnecting with her hottie former flame. She decides to go to Limelight, a hip Manhattan nightclub, with Larissa instead of going to the junior-senior lock-in back in Castlebury. Sebastian decides he’s going to go through with the grand gesture Carrie longs for and follows her to Manhattan to reunite. I love the nod to Big following Carrie to Paris because, let’s face it, Sebastian has cemented himself as young Carrie’s Mr. Big with this bold move. While at the nightclub, Carrie meets a new man and he buys our heroine her very first cosmo. Now we know where Carrie gets her love of the fabulous drink. These little moments that flashback to the original series only make me fall more and more in love with this show.

Elsewhere, Maggie is conflicted over telling Walt about her secret affair. However, after Sebastian breaks up with Donna LaDonna, she makes it her mission to ruin Maggie and Walt’s relationship and, while at the lock-in, reveals Maggie’s secret to Walt. Maggie tries to say it will never happen again, but Walt cannot forgive her and the two breakup. Donna and Walt begin to bond over their pain and the two kiss. I knew it was coming, but I still cringed when I saw it onscreen. The next day, Donna admits she has always had a crush on Walt and the pair agrees to begin dating. Excuse me while I go vomit.

Meanwhile, Tom Bradshaw goes on a double date to once again try his luck out with women. Much like Dorrit’s storyline, his attempt to find love is repetitive and stalls every episode. However, things get interesting when Tom runs into Carrie at Limelight. Carrie has been caught and in a very big way: the truth about her age comes out, as well as the fact that she is no longer working for the law firm.

It turns out Larissa isn’t upset though, she loves having a young intern; Carrie’s dad is less than amused and he drags her out of the nightclub before Sebastian can find her. To make matters worse, Sebastian’s car is towed. Even worse than that, Carrie’s dad tells her she’s never coming back to New York again. In the end, Carrie and Sebastian finally begin reconnecting.

This episode had so many momentous moments, but my favorite was the fact that there was literally no trace of Dorrit this episode…if only she would stay gone for the rest of the season. Care to start a prayer circle with me?

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Favorite Moment: It’s a tie between Carrie getting her first pair of Manolos and trying her first cosmo. Two monumental moments in one episode, what could be better?!

Hottest Character: I’m always going to be biased toward Sebastian, but I still have to give Walt credit for rocking those grandpa sweaters every week.

Character We Loved This Week: Carrie! Our heroine’s secrets may be out, but her end talk with her father reflected how much growing up she has done during her time in Manhattan. She’s becoming the shoe gal we know and love and watching that journey unfold every week is so endearing.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Walt for being stupid and dating Donna LaDonna. Sure, he’s closeted and lonely, but couldn’t he have picked someone better than his best friend’s sworn enemy?

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: Dorrit goes missing (hopefully for good) as Walt confides in someone unexpected and Mouse goes head-to-head with Castlebury’s popular jock.

Rating (1-5): 5. This was definitely my favorite episode since the pilot and I don’t think I stopped smiling until the very end.[/textblock]

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  1. So funny that Larissa was dancing with Tom’s friend right next to Tom and his date. I didn’t miss gloomy, doom-y Dorritt. My only problem with this show is if Carrie had such great HS friends why did she never lay eyes on them again?

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