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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: The Long and Winding Road Not Taken


It’s Carrie’s 17th birthday and she’ll miss it even if she doesn’t want to? In this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, “The Long and Winding Road Not Taken,” Carrie must miss out on her own birthday festivities when Larissa demands our heroine work the door at a hip book party.

Sebastian is also unable to attend when his mom decides she wants to meet up with him, so Walt takes his place. Let’s be honest here, Walt can appreciate these parties much more than The Kydd ever could. At the party Walt runs into Bennett, the man he made out with at Larissa’s Halloween party, and apologizes for running away from him and calling him the dreaded ‘f-word’ while the two bond. Also at the soiree, Carrie meets a publisher, Tripp, who, after a white lie from Larissa, believes Carrie is writing a book on sex – an allusion to her future as a writer. These references and subtle nods to the original series are always enjoyable and I appreciate writer Amy Harris for continuing to honor fans of Sex and the City. Sadly, Carrie’s fantasy life is once again interrupted when Sebastian arrives.

Elsewhere, Donna sends her minions, The Jens, on a quest to find a red Coach duffle bag and this Material Girl won’t be happy until she has one of her own. As luck would have it, Carrie knows that one is at Interview Magazine and Donna attempts to get it into her clutches.

Mouse meets with Harvard graduate Stacie in an attempt to learn more about her ‘future self,’ but Wes, number one in the class, is stealing the spotlight she believes belongs to her. Stacie tells Mouse that ‘smart Asian girl’ is all she has going for her, and that isn’t a hook anymore. After helping wrangle the basketball team into a photo, Wes decides Mouse would make the perfect team manager.

Also, Maggie attempts to smooth things over with Walt and the pair maturely agree that it takes two to tango…er, breakup. However, this maturity wears off sooner than a layer of Donna’s makeup when Walt starts being 100% with Maggie about all the things that irked him about her when they were an item. As you can imagine, Maggie is none too pleased with this turn of events. In the end, Maggie reveals she’s ready to get back together with Walt, which he cannot agree with.

Mr. Bradshaw and Dorrit ponder what to get Carrie for her birthday and Mr. Bradshaw decides he’s getting his eldest daughter a credit card. Now we know why Carrie transforms into the future shopaholic we know and love. While shopping for Carrie’s present (and shoplifting one of her own) Dorrit meets a hot boy who locks her inside a closet until the police arrive. In actuality, the mysterious boy decides he likes little Bradshaw’s taste in music and lets her off the hook. She must return, however, when her father realizes she still hasn’t procured her sister a present. Dorrit returns to the record store and she and her new beau bond over shoplifting and they kiss. It’s the first time this season that I find Dorrit tolerable, so I owe this mystery man.

Later on at the party, Sebastian gets drunk and Carrie has to give up speaking Tripp to take him home – using a stick shift (another nod to Carrie’s future as a terrible driver). Carrie agrees to stay the night with Sebastian but leaves once Sebastian’s mom arrives.

The next morning, Carrie’s dad gives her the credit card, while Dorrit presents her with a mixtape of their mom’s favorite songs. The sisters join Carrie’s friends at the diner and, after the eldest Bradshaw gives Donna the Coach bag, Carrie realizes an important lesson she’ll carry into adulthood: Sometimes all you need is you love. Luckily, she is surrounded by it.

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