‘All My Children’ Recruits ‘Harold & Kumar’s’ Paula Garces

On Wednesday, Prospect Park’s The Online Network announced a new addition to the All My Children cast. Harold & Kumar’s Paula Garces will join the cast as Lea Marquez.

Here’s what we know about the new character. Lea is described as “a smart, savvy, beautiful woman who’s devoted her life to a career of fighting crime and bringing down bad guys. Lea’s career takes up most of her days and nights, which leaves little time for a personal life. That is, until a man challenges her safe, controlled existence and threatens to open up the part of her she’d long put to rest, her heart.”

In addition to her role as Maria in Harold & Kumar, Garces has appeared in Guiding Light, Clockstoppers, Elementary, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU, The Shield and she has a role in the upcoming Devious Maids.

Color us intrigued. There are no specifics about whether or not Ms. Marquez has ties to any of our favorite characters and obviously we don’t know who this man is that’s about to turn her life upside down, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Feel free to share your theories in the comments below.

All My Children along with One Life to Live are set to debut on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on Monday, April 29.



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