‘All My Children’ Sneak Peeks: May 13 Edition

Photo: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

The Online Network has released episode descriptions for the week of May 13 for All My Children.

Monday, 5/13: Angie learns the unthinkable. How will David take the news?

Tuesday, 5/14: Who is Sinnamon? Miranda lends a hand to a friend.

Wednesday, 5/15: Opal does what she does best – meddles. David plots a reinvention.

Thursday, 5/16:  Pete sets a sophisticated plan in motion. Just when you thought it was safe…a fan favorite returns (And does another one finally die?).

All My Children premieres Monday, April 29 on iTunes, Hulu and FX Canada.



  1. Latest on Prospect Park is instead of 4 new shows on either soap, they are reducing the shows to AMC on Monday and Wednesdays, and OLTL on Tuesdays and Thurdays. So much for getting the benefit of Hulu Plus, will cancel the Hulu Plus. Just way too much money to watch, in my case, 8 shows a month.

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