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‘Bates Motel’ Recap: The Truth

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This week on Bates Motel, after the revelation that Deputy Shelby was holding Jiao captive, Norma is on the warpath for revenge in the episode, “The Truth.”

She attempts to confront her former lover but Norman manages to stop his psycho momma from revealing what they know. Emma decides it’s time to go to the police about the woman that was trapped in the basement, but of course Norma talks her out of it so they can retrieve Keith Summers’ belt. If there’s one thing Ms. Bates is good at it is covering her own butt.

Dylan fesses up to another person about the criminal who shot Ethan last week and the fact that he ended up running the mystery man down in his car. The pair takes the truck to a field and lights it on fire to cover up the evidence. Later, Dylan and Norman go to the boat in search of that very elusive belt. While perusing, Dylan and Norman discuss the death of the latter’s dad. Dylan is convinced Norma was the killer, but Norman will not listen to any of it. The boys find the belt and throw it into the river. However, if TV shows have taught us anything it’s that nothing stays buried forever.

While the brothers are on their scavenger hunt, Deputy Shelby shows up at the motel and the two have awkward, unpleasant sex – until Shelby hears the pipes running, an indication of Jiao hiding in the motel. Things take a dramatic turn when Jiao sees Shelby who runs off and the deputy realizes he’s been caught. Going from bad to worse, Norma’s sons arrive home and Shelby pulls a gun on them all. When Shelby hits Norma with his gun, Norman attacks the officer, knocking the gun out of his hands. Dylan and Shelby enter into a shootout with one another as Norma calls the police. Mother and son attempt to escape in the car until gunshots go off and they realize one of the two upstairs has died. Luckily for the Bates family it is Dylan who makes it out of the ordeal alive.

The end of the episode finds Dylan telling Norma he’s going to tell the cops everything that has happened. Norma reveals to her erstwhile son that it was actually a blacked out Norman that killed his father after he witnessed him beating his beloved momma. There are only four episodes left until the season finale and, if previous episodes are indication, we’re all in for more crazy nights at the Bates Motel. This is one show I definitely won’t be checking out of.

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  1. You know I thought it was kind of weird for them to just chuck
    the belt into the river, especially for Norman. He and his mom tossed a body in
    the river only to have him show back up (well, his hand at least) so you would
    think the kid would learn a lesson. I work
    at DISH and talking to a coworker of mine about this, and it seemed like
    they should have at LEAST wiped the belt down for prints. My coworker said he
    thought they did but I don’t remember that, so I’ll to pay closer attention to
    that when I re-watch it. I’m saving the
    entire first season on my DVR. I have a
    DISH Hopper, and with 2000 hours of recording space there’s not only room
    for all of this first season of Bates Motel, but room for all my other shows,
    too! The best part is that I can watch the episodes again whenever I want, so I
    may have to look back into this tonight!

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