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‘Days of our Lives’ Preview: April 15 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, EJ finally pops the big question to Sami. Will she accept his hand in marriage? Also, Daniel and Jennifer have final words with a despondent Chloe. Someone gets it on in the church rectory. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of April 15.

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If I Believe In Love, Can It Last Forever?

Rafe and Kate’s attempts at reconciliation fall flat, partly because of Rafe’s ignorance and the other because of Lucas’ hurtful “truth” to Kate. Was Lucas right? Will Rafe never find another love like Sami? Speaking of Sami, EJ pops the big question. Will Sami say those 3 Words when she gives him her response? Vargas and Nicole get biblical at the church and Daniel and Jennifer reunite (again).

Also Next Week

Fed up with Brian making moves on his man, Will confronts Brian over the disrespect he’s shown for his relationship with Sonny. Kristen frantically searches Salem for those incriminating photos. Brady is irked by a gift John sends Kristen and confronts his father over it. Chloe leaves town after disgracing herself with her pathetic actions over Daniel. Cameron continues to be Anne’s next target. Will Abby and Chad come to his rescue?

Watch This

Tuesday – EJ proposes to Sami

What are your thoughts on what happens next week? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t know about writers dreams. But it’s been my 7yr dream =) and to top that off it will be legit!

  2. We had your first engagement party this week-end with 200 plus people! Make no mistake about it, we toasted to everything! That is how happy we were to see EJ propose to Sami. I hope the story line is as riveting and as incredible as these two adorable actors. The huge, huge fan base loves the fact that these two are finally a unique couple that accepts each other as they are good and bad. Their love has no boundaries and they are soul mates with chemistry, heat and a tumultuous personalities. I love how sometimes they are giddy and holding hands and others times they have heartfelt heat and are on fire. This is all made real by their commitment to each other. This has to be a writer’s dream!

  3. So excited for EJ’s proposal! We have been waiting 7 years for this moment. Days is really knocking it out of the park lately. Ejami is on fire!

  4. There’s a reason it’s at the Pub. EJ knows how important Sami’s family is to her and wants them included in their lives. It’s symbolic.

  5. Go Will and give Brian a reason to STFU. He is a player and a user and just wants Sonny as a trophy. You love Sonny and he loves you. I hope Sonny witnesses this confrontation and cheers Will . Daniel and Jennifer – haven’t we suffered enough of their crap? Why are they ALWAYS ON? Enough already!!!

  6. Key words in in the review….Daniel and Jennifer reunite (again)…how boring! When will the days writers realize that no one but them actually like this couple. Nothing they write for this pair would make them even remotely interesting imo. But on a possitve note, go Will! The writers have made this character Nick and Gabi’s doormat for far too long it will be nice to see him stand up for himself and for his relationship with Sonny.

  7. More Wilson please :)

  8. Thanks so excited to see EJ’s proposal! I’m sure they will be great scenes!

  9. I am so disappointed to see the Ej-Sami proposal at the freaking Brady Pub !!! Seriously writers ?! This proposal should be classy and ‘something’ to be could be at Chez Rouge for example and Ej should have an hair cut..WTF to this flat writing seriously..
    And Lucas..whatever..why does he care about Rafe’s love life..the guy has no life, it is pathetic..and to insinuate to his mother than Sami is the one for Rafe whereas he was the one not over Sami for years..for is ridiculous..what does he want to share Sami with Rafe ?! UGH..anyway all of that is moot point since Sami wants Ej and only him this time ! Lucas is just the definition of is sad..poor Kate.
    Bring back Autumn or whatever for him, he needs a life just right now !
    Otherwise i like the little Abby/Chad/Cameron stripper story : it is fun
    Vargas is HOT, i like him a lot..Nicole is lucky between him and Eric..let’s hope they don’t write one-note and that he is able to stay longterm on the canvas.
    Go Will, show some fire !..Clearly Brian plays you so do the same, have a backbone.
    Daniel/Jennifer drama : i don’t care ! (but Parker is super cute).

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