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‘Smash’ Review: The Surprise Party


For the first time in weeks, I can actually say I have enjoyed this week’s Smash! Sure, it’s probably because it was more Ivy-centric than not, but it just felt like a quieter, calmer episode without a ton of different dramas going on and trying to pull it in different directions.

Now, don’t get me wrong; there was drama, but it was more contained than usual. First, the whole love triangle that isn’t between Jimmy, Karen and Derek finally came out and just when I thought Karen was going to dump Jimmy and move on, she went back on it. Regardless of the fact that the only thing he agreed to is go public with their relationship and the fact that she found coke in his jacket’s pocket. Because he’s classy like that. Luckily, that whole plotline didn’t take too much time and didn’t last long enough to bore me to tears.

Then there was the drama between Tom and Ivy, which wasn’t actually boring, but cute. And it included Liza Minnelli singing, which is always a plus. Despite the cast not wanting to invite Tom to Ivy’s birthday and the whole high school attitude about that whole thing, I liked the little talk she and Tom had at the end, it was pretty mature, which is shocking for this show, and it made sense, which again, shocking.

I do feel bad for Derek being shot down by Karen, even if it was obvious it was going to happen. But I am not okay with him going after Ivy just to break her heart again. He made her suicidal last time, she needs to get away from him as fast as she can, but I just don’t see it happening.

I do like Kyle, Julia and Scott working together, I do think Jimmy is gonna blow up when he hears about all the changes they made to the show, but maybe once they are done, I can actually make sense of what it’s about aside from some girl who wants to be famous (and why is this so dark again? Because she apparently tries to kill herself or something? Please, go watch Next to Normal). And although also predictable, I like Julia and Scott’s kinda relationship, much better than her ex.

Lastly, there is Eileen and her NYT’s reporter, which isn’t a bad relationship either, but the guy needs to generate some good press for her show already, otherwise he’s pretty useless.

All in all, I would have liked Bombshell songs in it, but it was an easy to watch episode that didn’t make me cringe all the time, so hooray.

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