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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Season Finale Recap: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye


The Carrie Diaries closed out its freshman season with an episode I can only describe as perfection. The writing was poignant; the storylines were brilliant; the acting was stellar. I could rave about this finale and this series for hours, but for now let’s dive into my recap because there is so much to discuss about “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye.”

Carrie is still reeling from heart breakup with Sebastian in the previous episode, which is made worse by her upcoming junior prom. Instead of going alone, however, Carrie, Mouse, and Maggie agree to go to prom together as a “trouple,” which is officially my new favorite word.

Although Mouse is dating West, she is being forced by her parents to go to prom with a boy named Eugene who they think she belongs with because they are both Chinese royalty. We can already tell Eugene is going to be awful because, well, the guy’s name is Eugene. Before going to prom with the brace-face, Eugene lets Mouse know that she isn’t actually Chinese royalty – she’s the descendant of farmers and peasants. Mouse decides it’s time to stop letting her family define her.

Tom has turned into a teenage girl, sneaking around and lying to his children about being at the gym so he can sleep with Kate. It turns out Father Bradshaw is hesitant to reveal his new relationship because it is so soon after his wife’s death.

In a typical Larissa move, the kooky Interview Magazine editor has decide to move to Kyoto for the summer to become a geisha. With anyone else I’d balk at such a thing, but it makes sense for someone like her. Larissa graciously offers Carrie and Walt her apartment for the summer while young Bradshaw will be working as a receptionist at Interview. However, Carrie is hesitant to accept because she still has it bad for the Kydd.

On the flip side of the romance coin Dorrit is still happily dating Miller. It is revealed that Sebastian and Miller know each other from boarding school, and he tells Carrie Miller is actually a high school senior – one that the youngest Bradshaw has decided she wants to sleep with. Miller puts together a romantic evening for the two, but Dorrit breaks down into tears – not because she’s sad, but because, for the first time, she is happy. The two finally consummate their relationship. This is a far cry from the all-black wearing, emotionless Dorrit we’ve come to know and I couldn’t be more overjoyed about that. It’s refreshing to see a vulnerable and much more real character from her.

Upon discussing their relationship in one of my favorite scenes in television history, Sebastian and Carrie reunite. However, that happiness is short-lived when Maggie accidentally reveals that she and Sebastian knew all along that Tom Bradshaw was dating someone. Carrie confronts Sebastian about his deception and the two argue, leading to more trouble in the land of Kyddshaw. After the argument, Sebastian reveals to Maggie that Walt is gay and an infuriated Maggie confronts Walt and Carrie at the diner. Because of this turn of events, Carrie and Walt decide to skip out on prom and go to New York for Larissa’s going away party. Larissa and Carrie have a very telling discussion about Carrie’s future – a nod to her life as New York City gal. One of the most intriguing parts of this show continues to be seeing how Carrie became the person she is and I’ve loved every wink and nod.

Back in Castlebury, Sebastian and Maggie bond over their lonely love lives – leading to a shocking kiss between the two. Soon after, Carrie shows up and decides she’s ready to have sex with him but, racked with guilt, Sebastian refuses. Mouse finds West at the diner and, in her own John Hughes-style moment, the two reunite dancing in the middle of the restaurant to jukebox music.

Walt tries to kiss Bennet but his new love interest but Bennet refuses to because he’s underage. This isn’t the end for the budding romance though – Bennet promises he and Walt with spend time together – with his roommate Stanford in tow. I must admit I squealed out loud at this Sex and the City reference. The nod promises to one day introduce Carrie’s future gay BFF, opening up a world of opportunities to where The Carrie Diaries can go from here.

Carrie’s happiness after returning home from Sebastian’s house is short-lived when Maggie arrives and reveals her indiscretion with her former flame. Of course Carrie is livid, cutting off all contact with Maggie and ending their friendship. I have to give major props to both AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) and Katie Findlay (Maggie) for delivering such a powerful and gut-wrenching scene of true loss and friendship gone wrong.

Although sad, our Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t stay down for long: she decides it’s time to officially move to New York for the summer with Walt and begin her journey to becoming her true self. And, in one final nod to Sex and the City, our lead heroine is seen typing on a typewriter. Carrie Bradshaw may not be done finding herself, but our girl is certainly well on her way.

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  1. Favorite love story is Doritt’s!

  2. Thanks for the recap; this sounds like a good episode, especially with everything that happened with Walt and Carrie. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet because I’ve been working overtime at DISH, but I recorded it. My DISH Hopper can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so it was easy for me to record this episode and my roommates could still record all their shows, too. It’s great that we don’t have to fight over what to record anymore.

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