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‘All My Children’ Recap: Chapter 1, Week 1


The Online Network’s All My Children officially premiered last week on Hulu, iTunes and FX Canada. What’s happened to the residents of Pine Valley since the 5 year time jump? We’ll tell you all that and more in our new weekly All My Children recap.

Who Did JR Shoot?:

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It’s been over five years since we last visited Pine Valley.  The night of Adam Chandler (David Canary) and Brooke English’s (Julia Barr) engagement party ended with a bang, as a drunk JR Chandler (Ryan Bittle) fired off a shot into the party. It’s revealed, late into the
week that Marissa Tasker was the victim of the tragic shooting and was killed in the process. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) followed this up, struggling with JR over the gun, and proceeded to shoot JR in a fit of rage, ultimately causing JR to fall into a coma, and David being sent to jail. Now five years later, JR still remains in a coma, and David has been released on parole thanks to the kind words of Angie Hubbard (Debbi Morgan) going before the parole board on his behalf.


When we last saw Cara (Lindsay Hartley) she was happily expecting a child with David, but after the shooting, we are led to believe that she had a miscarriage, only something else happened during that five year period that caused Cara to go to a clinic, and have a secret that she doesn’t want anyone, especially David, to find out. After returning to Pine Valley after a brief stint working with doctors without borders again, Cara finds herself working at Pine Valley Hospital with her brother Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso).

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Now free on parole, David made his way back to Pine Valley Hospital to thank Angie for helping him get off, it’s there that Cara recognizes the back of his head and realizes that he is back, and all of her lies could soon be exposed. She panics, explaining to Griffin that she has to get out of the town before everything comes out and David learns the truth. It’s of course right then then that David walks in, overhearing the conversation and asks what it is that she didn’t want him to know.

The two have a brief exchange. Cara continues to dodge actually explaining whatever it is that happened during the five years, but tells David that she lost the child, and did not know, or want to know, the child’s sex. David distraught by this later visits Marissa’s grave, grieving the loss of everything over the past five years, vowing revenge, because he’s back, and things are never going to be the same again.


When we last saw AJ Chandler (Eric Nelsen) and Miranda Montgomery (Denyse Tontz) they were little tykes working their way through grade school, now they are in high school and headed down an adventurous path.

The series introduces us to AJ first, hanging out at the Chandler mansion, he is still very close to Miranda, but is obviously feeling something more than sibling love for his best friend, as the two have a bit of an encounter in his room as he is rocking out with a guitar after taking a shower and loses his towel and is a bit more than embarrassed when Miranda sees him.

The two head off to school and it’s there that we are introduced to Hunter Morrison (Daniel Covin), one of the most popular students at Pine Valley High, he says “hi” to Miranda in the hallway to which Miranda proceeds to freak out because “THE Hunter Morrison” said hi!!!!

AJ is upset with both Brooke and Dixie (Cady McClain) for still being traumatized by the shooting, he says “it has been five years; it’s time to just move on.”

Bianca and Miranda have a drink at Jane’s Addiction, the new local coffee shop, where Bianca lets her daughter know that she’s scored tickets to the One Direction concert in Madison Square Garden, only Miranda says she’s not interested in them anymore. Bianca is disappointed, and so Miranda agrees to go, but when she finds out that it’s the same day as a school dance quickly takes her acceptance back.  It is then that Hunter walks in, Miranda gets rid of her mother, and proceeds to have a conversation with Hunter, in which he asks her out.

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The next day Miranda was back over at the Chandler mansion, she is trying on some of Colby’s old clothes trying to decide what to wear for her date with Hunter. This is her first ‘official’ date and she’s really excited and tries to get AJ’s thoughts on what she’s wearing.  He doesn’t believe Hunter is good enough for her, and he feels that the clothes that she has picked made her look like trailer trash. “That was the meanest thing you have ever said to me” Miranda exclaimed, AJ apologizes as Bianca walks in with a brand new blouse for her daughter to try on. She loves it, and AJ agrees, she looks phenomenal with it.

Miranda and Hunter decide to go to the coffee shop, they sit around talking, Hunter finds out that Miranda enjoys drawing and so he asks her to draw something for him. Afterwards while he is using the restroom AJ comes in, not knowing the two were having their date there, and Miranda comes over and explains how the date is going well, it is then that AJ says “If it’s going so well you might want to get back over there fast” as Hunter has brought another girl over to the table and is talking to her. Hunter introduces the girl to Miranda, her name is Sally, and she really liked Miranda’s drawing. She’s a bit older, and Hunter explains she’s into experimentation, so they should head on over to her place, get high and see where the night leads them. Miranda is instantly turned off as Sally places her hand on Miranda’s thigh, jumping up and just storming off as Hunter ask if she’s “afraid to get her freak on.” AJ, overhearing everything proceeds to walk over and demands to know what Hunter did to Miranda, when Hunter wouldn’t reply; AJ Punches him, and with one hit sends him to the floor.


The prodigal son, Peter “Petey” Cortlandt (Robert Scott Wilson), makes his way back to Pine Valley on behalf of his mother Opal’s (Jill Larson) wishes to save Cortlandt Electronics.  While driving through town, we meet a new girl, Celia Fitzgerald (Jordan Lane Price), who witnesses Pete’s arrival back in town.

Pete is quickly greeted by his mother upon walking through the door, she is over the moon excited that he is back where he belongs. She explains that he is the only one that can clear up the mess that Caleb Cooney left behind. Unfortunately Pete thinks it’s too far gone. He tells his mother he needs a few minutes to clear his head, so he gets into his car and drives away, only to run into Celia.

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The two share a brief encounter, in which Celia knocks everything over, including her apple, which Pete proceeds to help her pick up, and Celia quickly leaves.  Afterwards Pete looks down and notices that she lost a tiny medal which housed a picture of some woman.  Pete takes the locket and decides that he is going to do what he can to help Cortlandt Electronics for the next few days, and hopefully will see Celia again during the process, which sends Opal over the moon with excitement.

Celia gets back to the dormitory, at Bramwell High Private School, where she is greeted by the headmistress and asked what she was doing with a condom. Celia explains that she was handing them out to hookers at the Miranda Center to help protect the girls. The headmistress isn’t upset with Celia but she explains that Celia’s guardian is worried about her. Celia laments that she doesn’t care what her guardian thinks, she is 18 now and she wants to be with a man, she wants to have freedom to explore everything like all of her friends. She loves the opportunities that she has been given, and she enjoys tutoring at the high school but there has to be something more out there.

Celia goes over to the Chandler mansion to talk to Brooke about a brochure she has been working on, at the same time Opal and Pete come over to talk to Adam about Cortlandt.  Opal is excited to learn that Celia and her beloved Pete have met before, and in typical Opal fashion she decides to do whatever she can to make sure the two spend a little bit more time with each other, thus she erases all of the hard work Celia has been doing and uses Pete to retrieve and fix it. Only thing she didn’t plan on was unfortunate timing, as Celia has to leave and Pete has vanished to go on a business meeting.

Pete eventually fixes everything once he makes his way back, Celia finds out that her guardian is banning her from working at the Miranda center, to which she explains she doesn’t care what her guardian thinks, she is going to do whatever she wants, and if he doesn’t like it he can come and talk to her face to face, since she has never met the man before.

Pete, wanting to see her again, drives up to Bramwell and sets up a bit of a treat with flowers and a tablet which is housing a video message. Celia plays the message which tells her to go out to the balcony, she does so and upon looking down see’s Pete holding a dozen roses.


After having a bit of a rough patch, the Hubbard family is finally doing well. Angie and Jesse (Darnell Williams) have the house to themselves now that Maya and Lucy have recently moved out.  After having a bit of a morning love making session, Jesse promises Angie a BIG surprise – “I Don’t know if I can take anything else big this morning” she casually replies with a smile on her face as she heads into the shower.  Jesse then picks up the phone and calls Cassandra (Sal Stowers) explaining how excited Angie is going to be to see her again, and how he has a driver and everything set up for her.

Later that day, believing its Cassandra, Jesse tells Angie to open the door for her surprise, and instead of Cassandra, its Joe Martin! Angie is excited to have her mentor back, and thanks Jesse for the surprise, only he is just as surprised as she is.

With still no sign of Cassandra, Jesse starts to investigate, its then that he finds out that some man, supposedly the driver who said he never picked anyone up, took Cassandra from the airport somewhere. After some digging Jesse finds out that the car and the driver are registered to Zack Slater’s casino, so he gives Zack (Thorsten Kaye) a call.

Meanwhile Cassandra has found herself locked up to a bed, and when she refuses to play nicely with her captor, she is beat and appears to be raped.

The next day Zack Slater arrives in town, after a bit of digging he explains that Kendall has left him, and it’s because of the Russian mob, which is who he believes has kidnapped Cassandra.

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