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‘Bates Motel’ Recap: A Boy and His Dog

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It’s a new day in White Pine Bay and, just like every day on Bates Motel, they are full of twists, turns and plenty of drama and intrigue. All that and more is found in the latest episode, “A Boy and His Dog.” Norman has decided to take up taxidermy under the watchful eye of Emma’s dad. It’s a totally normally hobby for a high school teenager…right?

Emma overhears Bradley’s friends in the girl’s bathroom teasing Norman and laughing at the fact that he had the audacity to think a girl like Bradley would go for someone like him. This causes a furious Emma to confront the friends and reveals the truth – Bradley and Norman had sex. A just as furious Bradley confronts Norman about what Emma did and she tells him she doesn’t want anyone to know what happened between the two of them. Norman attempts to leave the school after the confrontation and is stopped by his teacher who he lashes out at before running off.

Back at the motel, the creepy and mysterious man in room number 9 is still, well, creepy and mysterious. It turns out the man knows about Zack Shelby’s sex slave operation and Norma’s relationship with him, rattling Mrs. Bates to her core. Making even more enemies than she already has, Norma threatens Sheriff Romero in an attempt keep a highway from being built around the motel, but her threats fall on deaf ears. She then receives a call from Norman’s school telling her about his behavior. The principal and Norman’s teacher suggest a trip to the school psychologist but Norma tells them she will take her son to a therapist.  After learning of Norman’s new side job as a taxidermist, Norma tells Mr. DeCody her son cannot continue with his newest hobby. She’s worried her son would be labeled as a freak but Mr. DeCody wants Norman to continue with his passion.

Continuing with his job Dylan must make a trip with his partner on an operation driving a group of hippies around.  At a bar, Dylan and his partner get into a fight over the co-worker’s jealousy of Dylan getting to be the leader. This leads to a bonding session, which is of course what always happens after I get into a fist fight with someone as well. His partner tells Dylan that he can’t quit the job and that he will know who the ‘boss’ is when he needs to. I have a feeling this is setting up for a big boss reveal. Any guesses? A member of the hippie squad demands he get his lunch, causing Dylan to pull out a gun and force the guy out of the van.

In an effort to discover what they mystery man in room number 9 is hiding, Norma follows him around town. Of course Norma is discovered and the mysterious man demands she give him something he’s missing. Norma is confused, but the man continues with his requests until she leaves. At their first therapy session, Norma is being the overbearing mother she’s always been, answering all the questions for her son. The therapist suggests that Norman see him alone next time and I’m sure you can guess how Norma felt about that. Later, Norma confronts the mystery man, telling him to leave the motel before she calls the cops and the man drives off.

The end of the episode finds Emma revealing her true feelings for Norman and apologizing for what happened with Bradley and Norma finding Zack Shelby’s rotten corpse placed in her bed.

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  1. I love this show, and “A Boy and His Dog” was just awesome.
    I’m so happy I was wrong about Bates Motel, as it has turned into my favorite
    new show. I work at DISH and had a
    couple friends and coworkers from the office over to watch, and they loved it,
    too. So far I’ve recorded the whole season, and plan to keep it on my DVR so I can
    re-watch the episodes as I go. I have the DISH
    Hopper and two thousand hours of storage space upon which to save all the
    episodes of Bates Motel’s first season, and still record all my other favorite

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