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‘One Life to Live’ Recap: Week 1, Chapter 1

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The Online Network’s One Life to Live officially premiered last week on Hulu, iTunes and FX Canada. What’s happened to the residents of Llanview in the 14 months since the show ended? We’ll tell you all that and more in our new weekly One Life to Live recap.

Tale of Two Todd’s Continues/ Blair/ Tea/ Dani

Coming in to the reboot, one of the big stories fans wanted to see continued was the Tale of Two Todd’s (Aka Todd Manning vs. Victor Lord Jr.), fans were initially cautious that this would happen as Victor’s portrayer Trevor St. John hadn’t been confirmed to be filming for the series. But thankfully Prospect Park snuck him in under the radar and Victor returned!

Escaping from wherever Alison Perkins had him tied up, Victor made his way back to Llanview on the same night that Blair’s new night club Shelter was opening up.  Todd meanwhile happened to be arriving in town at the same time because Dani drunk dialed him and proved she needed help.  Todd couldn’t have arrived a moment too soon as he starts looking for his daughter as she passes out from a bad combination of Oxycodone and Alcohol. Todd rushes over, swooping his daughter up and rushes her to the hospital through the back exit. It is at that exact moment that Victor walks into Shelter through the front entrance.

At the hospital Tea rushes in demanding to know the status of their daughter, the doctor lets the family know that they are pumping her stomach for a suspected drug overdose, but it would be helpful for them to know what exactly she has taken. It is then that Mathew speaks up, letting the family know that Dani was doing Oxycodone.  Tea is furious that Mathew knew that her daughter was doing drugs and he sat by and did nothing about it. Todd says that it isn’t Mathew’s fault she’s a bad mother.  Tea asks why he’s even here, he moved to Port Charles and hasn’t cared about Dani for over a year so why start now? As Todd begins to respond, Victor rushes in, telling Todd to leave Tea alone, and proceeds to get into a fist fight with his brother.

Tea is startled to see Victor alive. “Is it really you?” she asks. He says of course, and the two slowly begin to reconnect as they worry about Dani’s health. Tea says he needs to go be with the rest of his family that Jack is in the waiting room, probably freaking out as much as she was, and he needs to be with him. So Victor goes to his son, who promptly proceeds to hug him. The doctor walks in and lets the family know that Dani will be alright, she just needs to stay in for observation.

The next morning Tea goes in to see her daughter, she tells Dani she has a surprise for her, and tells Victor to come in. Dani freaks out, screaming that he can’t be here, that he’s dead, but Victor proceeds to pick his daughter up and hold her in his arms.

After she calms down the two have a brief talk, she is happy to see him, but doesn’t understand how all of this could happen. Meanwhile while they are talking Todd is freaking out in the lobby. Vicki is there and tells him to give Victor and Dani some space, so he leaves for a few minutes to go to the coffee shop where he walks into Blair. The two have a brief conversation about everything. Blair says she knows he wants to go kill Victor but this isn’t the time for their sibling rivalry, Todd simply responds he thought he already did kill his brother.

Back at the hospital Viki finally gets an opportunity to talk to her brother. She says she heard about how he was being held hostage by Alison Perkins, and how she is happy that he is alive. Victor is happy to be there, but he has to take care of his family right now.

Tea and Victor leave the hospital, making their way home, where they proceed to make love. Afterwards Victor explores Tea’s house, and finds a room filled with Baby stuff, its then she explains what happened since he ‘died.’ She tells him about how she was pregnant, how she lost the baby, and how Todd switched her child with another. He stays strong for Tea while she is around, but after she leaves the room, he proceeds to rip the head off of a stuffed giraffe, and storms out of the room, appearing to be on a course for revenge.

Todd meanwhile has made his way back over to Shelter, he notices Jack is there and offers his, underage son, a drink.  Blair stops him, and Jack leaves the club. Blair tells Todd that isn’t going to solve anything,  but Todd doesn’t care, and proceeds to drink. Blair tries to kick him out of the club, but the two end up having a brief conversation about his life, they make a bit of movement in their relationship, but Todd leaves her by herself in the club to think things over.

Mathew/Destiny/Jeffery/ Bo/Nora/David/Dorian/Clint/Viki:

Bo And Nora’s life seemed to be going smooth, that was until Bo found Oxycodone in Mathew’s room. Mathew tells them it’s not his and that they need to not worry about things, but Bo is yelling, and Nora is freaking out about what their son is doing with Oxy.

Over at Llanfair, Viki picks up the morning paper, there the breaking of Dorian’s latest senate scandal, broken by her new reporter Jeffery King.  Later that day Jeffery arrives in Llanview and asks Viki for a more permanent spot at the Banner, to which she happily agrees.

As Mathew leaves Bo and Nora’s he runs into Jeffery, who was going to be staying with him. Jeffery ask what the plans are for tonight? And Mathew replies that they are going to have fun at Shelter and see where the night brings them.  The two bump into Destiny who is trying to cut loose for the night. Mathew makes a comment about Drew, and Destiny says he has no right to tell her how to live her life and leaves him alone.

Dorian is furious that she is being portrayed as the bad guy in this situation. She wasn’t trying to cover anything up, she was just trying to protect the American public. She gave the CSI documents to the committee chairman right away in order to take care of everything. But still she is the one being punished for a cover up? She takes it out on Viki, after realizing that the Banner was the one to break the story, who says that it’s up to the American public to make up their mind about the scandal.

David is trying to launch a new reality series for his Vickerman following, and is including everyone around him into the series, he sneaks into the Shelter opening, and gets footage of the whole night, before going home and having more ‘scenes’ with Dorian.

After hearing about what happened with Dani, Nora is apologetic to Mathew, she says she should’ve never doubted him, but she cannot help but worry about her son, and no matter how old he gets he will always be her baby. Mathew is happy that his parents now finally believe him, but he isn’t ready to go back home, so he continues to look for an apartment with Jeffery.

Dorian decides to go to the press with her side of the story, only during a television interview, her words, that she said to Viki during her fit of rage, come back to haunt her as the interviewer asks if Dorian believes that the “American people are a bunch of idiots who can’t be trusted to spell their own names right.”

Clint and Jeffery are celebrating the Banners success and now widespread popularity over the Lord Scandal, while Viki cannot help but feel sorry for her friend and rival during her time of need.


Natalie is trying her best to move on from John McBain, she is finally allowing herself a night out on the town and decides to go to the Shelter opening. It is there that she runs into Cutter. The two of them share a dance, before they are interrupted by Rama because things are going haywire at the club. Deciding the club scene wasn’t for her Natalie decides to go back home, alone, and falls asleep wrapped up in a blanket on her sofa.

Cutter meanwhile has a headache of a night, as the DJ flees after Dani passes out. He ends up teaming up with Rama, giving drinks away, doing whatever he deemed necessary in order to save the club’s image.  Once all of the customers left for the night, Rama offers Cutter a celebratory drink, and says that the first night is always the worst and they can only go up from here.

The next day Rama bumps into Vimal at the coffee shop. He says that he’s missed her, and that he wants to have another chance, Rama says that she isn’t ready to be tied down, she wants to explore her life more, and while she loves Vimal, she can’t settle down just yet.  Vimal ask if there was any way that they could possibly still be together, to which Rama jokingly suggest an open marriage. After a few minutes pondering, Vimal replies “Ok.” “Ok?” Rama asks. Vimal explains that he is willing to have an open marriage if, and only if, they agree to always come home to one another, and that they don’t ask and don’t tell anything about whom they have been with. Rama kisses him, and the two embark on their open agreement together.

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