Days of our Lives Preview: May 13 Edition

Photo: NBC

This week on Days of our Lives, Hope sets out to find who was behind Rafe’s brutal attack. Will Sami stand by EJ when she’s confronted with Hope’s suspicions? Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of May 13, 2013.

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  • Kate is horrified when she comes upon a lifeless Rafe, who was brutally attacked by an unknown assailant.
  • Hope finds evidence that may implicate EJ in the attack and later sets to prove he was the culprit. After being challenged by Gabi and Hope, Sami asks EJ if he was behind it.
  • JJ is confronted over his lies about what happened in London; JJ’s unhappiness with Daniel and Jennifer’s relationship begins to manifest itself in his actions.
  • Kristen continues to have second thoughts about her plans to break Brady’s heart, but she keeps being pulled into John’s game.

DVR Alerts:

Monday—Rafe takes a turn for the worse

Thursday—Nick’s past catches up with him


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  1. Days will be difficult to watch if EJ gets blamed for Rafe’s attach. I hope Sami will support and believe EJ

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