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‘General Hospital’ Preview: May 13 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Tracy and AJ’s “War of the Relishes” gets out of control on The Chew, culminating in Tracy issuing AJ a stern threat – and it could severely affect his relationship with Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the hunt for Morgan continues, but even as the Corinthos Bros. have reunited, they find themselves deeper in the sea of trouble. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of May 13, 2013.

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Busy Being Fabulous

In an epic battle of parrying pickles on The Chew, all four hosts are hard at work tasting opposing offerings from Tracy and A.J. Inevitably, things get out of hand—a fracas turns into a scuffle and morphs to melee, ultimately ending in finger-pointing, blame, and debacle. Recriminations follow, and Tracy pounces first, telling AJ he has to assume responsibility for the disaster, or she’ll run to Elizabeth and tell her all about AJ’s gnarly Carly party.

The two currently known Quartermaine scions go back and forth in round two – “No Relish: Electric Boogaloo,” and AJ decides it’s not worth the headache anymore; he’s going to tell Elizabeth everything. Until she asks him to be her date to Laura’s wedding.

Distant Early Warning

In New York City, Morgan is the victim of a severe assault when Michael finds him and rushes him to a hospital for treatment. Carly and Sam get there with admirable speed, but it’s not quick enough to stop Morgan from giving them the slip. Sonny and Shawn find mob goons on Olivia and Connie’s doorstep and use this as an opportunity to shake down some information on Morgan. Meanwhile, the son in question has laid in cahoots with his girlfriend to fleece some college boys in an attempt to win back his gambling debt. College Boys accuse them of cheating, but things really get nasty when more mob goons show up to collect on Morgan. Sonny arrives there just in the knick of time to save his sons and bring them back to Port Charles.

Also Next Week

After discovering Lulu and Milo in a vulnerable moment, Dante takes Lulu back to the Haunted Star, where they take a romantic trip down a road they’ve traveled before. Scott, Lucy, and Kevin hiss and snarl at each other over whether Laura will marry Scott; Laura’s ready, but will Lesley give her blessing? Emma’s not pleased when her dad tells her Britt is still having the baby, and Felix suspects Britt is up to shenanigans with Hospital Tech Brad – sadly, no—not those shenanigans. Mac is hesitant about giving Luke a drink, and Tracy also questions her ex-husband about this latest, rather disturbing development in his behavior.

Source Look Ahead

The Big Wedding – will Laura and Scott take the plunge? Duke reveals new information in the Relish Rebellion. Lulu is torn and considers sharing her flashbacks with Dante. Maxie and Britt commiserate over their respective entanglements. A mysterious man plots his next move — while Sam has an unexpected visitor at her door.

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