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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Top 5 OMFG Moments from ‘The Walking Dead’

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Ghosts run wild in Mystic Falls as the gang battles Silas. Did your favorites return from the dead? Who joined the other side?


That is quite honestly the only thing I can say about tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. In a single hour, I laughed, I cried, I cried until I laughed, picked my jaw up from the floor several times, and jumped up and down in my bed. It felt like the show had new life breathed into and technically, you could say it – well, in the form of dead life that is.

Tonight, Bonnie opened the veil to the other side, allowing the dead to walk in Mystic Falls. Old faces returned, the gang battled Silas, and a major character died. Really?! I mean, is she really dead?! More on her later though… For now, let’s try to formulate a list of all the madness that ran rampant tonight. Chances are we’ll feel winded by the end.

Honorable Mention: When Bonnie dropped the veil, Stefan confessed to Caroline that he hoped to see someone and was disappointed when they didn’t show up. On cue, Lexi arrived, the two hugged, and took a walk through town. Lexi pointed out that she’d been replaced by Caroline and that she was cute – hello, Caroline and Stefan anvil #450!

5. The Mystic Falls version of the Hellmouth open, y’all.

Katherine and Bonnie took a lovely trip through the woods where Bonnie revealed they were linked and Katherine couldn’t get away from her. With a bit of witchy mojo, Bonnie literally brought darkness to the town and the veil partially opened. Meanwhile, everyone is busy tracking Bonnie and Caroline and Stefan (yay for this team!) figure out they are at the center of Silas’ triangle of massacres aka the expression triangle. The whole linkage aspect of things was almost a fiasco when Elena attempted to kill Katherine, but luckily for her and Bonnie, Stefan intervened. Whew.

4. Bromance reignited.

While hunting for Bonnie, Damon sent Elena away out of fear that her emotions may sidetrack her from the real task at hand. Not here for his comments, Elena staked Damon and left him in the hallway of Mystic Falls High where…. ALARIC CAME TO HIS RESCUE. For the first time – possibly ever – Damon is speechless. Once he gets over seeing Alaric in front of him, he worries he’s actually Silas, but Alaric is all hey, “Would Silas know about our secret stash of whiskey in Locker 42?” Did you died? Because I totally died.

Alaric revealed that only those with a reason to come through the veil actually could. His reason is that his friends need some guidance. Damon needed some counseling on Alaric, who surprisingly a Delena fan. At the end of the episode when they dumped Silas’ calcified body and shared some whiskey (I nearly wept with joy here), Alaric is all hey, I found the cure in Silas’ pocket. He reveals he heard Damon’s tombstone-side confession (which is one of my favorite TVD moments ever), gives him the cure, and tells him to get the girl. Seriously, I wept all over again just from typing this out.

Locker 42, forever, you guys.

3. Rebekah is perfect – and Matt just may be ready to agree. Except Rebekah’s boyfriend’s back and she’s going to be in trouble.

Rebekah learned about graduation traditions in America. “So, let me get this straight? You send out notice of your impending graduation and people feel obliged to give you money?” She noticed Matt wasn’t partaking, but he doesn’t have a lot of family or anything. I feel you, Matt. I’m graduating undergrad this week (hoorah!) and I don’t have a lot of family whose wallets I can rob, so I feel your pain. Let’s just this personal connection to Matt is everything given I thought he was dying last week. (I will never get over that.)

So during Bonnie’s crazy storm of the century, Rebekah and Matt got cozy in the Mystic Grill. I died so much. The light was soft. They were giving each other the eye. They stepped in close. AND THEN KOL IS BACK. Way to ruin a moment, pal. He threatened Matt, which displeased Rebekah, and then threw a broken bottle into his shoulder. Can he get a break, you guys? Although, this provided the perfect opportunity for Rebekah to take care of Matt. (Except that was interrupted by the discovery of Caroline cutting herself in the backroom per Silas’ orders. How was funny was Rebekah slapping Caroline and Caroline’s comeback?) Once the night’s antics were over, Rebekah and Matt left the grill and they were still being so adorable without realizing it. He was totally going to do the gentlemanly thing and walk her home… until Rebekah say Alexander, her ex-fiancé and original vampire hunter walking through the square.

Uh oh.

2. Elena deals with her grief.

Stefan’s attempts for Elena to channel her feelings of hatred for Katherine elsewhere failed. The opening of the veil provided Elena the perfect time to hunt down Katherine. Eventually, she found and nearly killed her and Bonnie. Unfortunately for her, Stefan intervened, they sparred, and she smacked him. This led Elena to visit Jeremy’s grave where she finally faced her grief for the first time. She confessed everything is a distraction from losing him, she can’t move on and she won’t, and she doesn’t care if that makes him weak. Nina Dobrev cries so pretty every episode. Sometimes I wonder if she gets tired of crying.

Amidst her breakdown, Kol arrived to kill her in return for Jeremy killing him, and he almost did… except Jeremy arrived and saved her life. Brutally beaten on the ground, Elena looked up and saw her brother. They hold hands. Oh my goodness. I wept so damn hard. Elena apologized to Bonnie for everything she’d done to her recently (as well as everyone else), but Damon told her to focus on getting the chance to say goodbye. And I imagine I was still weeping at this point.

1. RIP, Bonnie Bennett.

Silas revealed himself to Bonnie at the magical triangle place. He switched between faces of everyone she knew – it’s a pretty badass scene if I may say so. Turns out, he knew all along that Bonnie lied to him about needing a full moon to open the veil. He told her Katsia was never going to come because she wanted him on the other side. All he wanted is to die. So Bonnie and Damon sort of brought his wish true when Damon trapped him, chained him up, and Bonnie basically turned him into a brick of a supernatural being with her powers.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for Bonnie. When her Gram, another visitor from the other side thanks to the veil, told Bonnie she had to close it back up, Bonnie refused. She was determined to bring Jeremy for Elena. So she channeled all her witchy powers while Gram begged her not to and then dropped to the ground in a heap. And then Gram stood next to Bonnie, telling her it was too much for her. Confused, Bonnie looked down at the ground and realized she was dead.


What did you think about tonight’s episode? Is Bonnie really dead? What ghostly return was your favorite? Comment below and I’ll see you here next week for the season four finale!

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