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‘General Hospital’ Preview: May 6 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Nikolas and Dante decide to fight for what they want. It’s a week of wooing, worrying, sleuthing and sabotage. Also: Anna decides to take a leap of faith, the battle between AJ and Tracy takes on a life of its own, Sam opens up about Jason and Sonny & Carly are on the hunt to save their son. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of May 6, 2013.

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Nikolas rearranges his travel plans so that he’s at the same New York hotel as Liz and A.J. for the big relish showdown on “The Chew”, causing consternation when they all run into each other. Tracy corners a hapless AJ, while Liz escapes to her room, only to find naked Nikolas there. She and AJ head to the “Chew” set, but not before a wee panic—and will AJ ever tell her about his night with Carly?  Liz, for her part, asks Nikolas to back off.  Being Nikolas, and being a Cassadine, he has a new strategy that puts Tracy in an unfortunate position and stuns Elizabeth.

As the hunt for the elusive Lauren Frank heats up, Luke and Spinelli are getting closer to finding the erstwhile Francospawn. Luke’s adventure leads him to an art dealer, while Spinelli’s investigation takes him to a woman claiming to be Lauren. But is she?

Digging in the Dirt

Sam, Danny and Rafe stop at a church to light a candle for Allison; Rafe confides in Sam about his feelings for Molly. Later, Sam and Danny feel that someone watching them, only to realize it’s Alexis. Sam finally opens up to her mother about Jason.  As she and her family leave – perhaps reinforcing that strange things happen to her in churches – it’s obvious someone is definitely watching Sam.

TJ asks Molly out to the prom, and then lures Rafe to Kelly’s through nefarious means.  Later Sam is upset to find her foster son with a black eye. Rafe, however, doesn’t want to snitch, and even covers for TJ when they all converge at Kelly’s again.

Is There Something I Should Know?

Sonny, Carly, and Michael put their heads together to try and figure out where Morgan could be, and use Spinelli’s vast contacts to speed the search. Their anxiety escalates when they discover Morgan’s gambling debt; Carly teams up with Sam, Michael tries to persuade his brother to tell them his location, and Morgan opens the door to an unwelcome guest.

Also Next Week

Anna discovers that Duke is adorably inefficient with using social media for ELQ, and decides to give him…a tutorial. She’ll have him Twitterpated in no time.  Scott once again presses Laura for a wedding date commitment, and Lucy bolsters his waning confidence.  Ellie dreams of what might happen if she spilled it to Spinelli and revealed Maxie’s secret. Lulu is hit with flashes of her past after meeting with Nikolas and later accompanying Maxie to a checkup; Dante continues his attempts to connect with Lulu and restore her memories.

Source Look Ahead: May 13, 2013 Edition

The Clash of the Condiments goes national and reaches an epic pinnacle on The Chew, taking an interesting turn. Michael races to find Morgan, before it’s too late. Someone from (again) Laura’s past surprises her, Dante battles Lulu’s memory, while Luke battles demons of his own that have come back to taunt him. A singular event draws everyone in Port Charles together.

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