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‘Smash’ Review: The Producers


Before anything else, this was the episode of Smash no one should miss. I am sincerely impressed at how well done it was. It had pace, energy and most importantly, lots of songs.

As I’ve said before, I’m all about Bombshell and Ivy, I think because the character is more three dimensional this season and because of her amazing talent. But even though this week’s episode had a bigger focus on Karen and Hit List, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Because it was done right.

One of my biggest problems with Hit List has been that I haven’t felt like the writers had the show down, like they really knew the direction it was going and that they weren’t showing me why everyone loved it so much. This episode was finally able to show me enough so I could grasp the storyline from the show and songs themselves and not because someone is telling me it’s what I should be getting. The classic advice of ‘show, don’t tell’ that you get from every writing class you ever take.

This week, the songs made sense both within the musical and the plot, the production was fun to watch and it had a lot of energy, which I think was missing from previous numbers. Even though the whole plot with Jimmy doesn’t hold my interest at all normally, I wasn’t bored by it this time because there was so much going on around it. That said, could someone please give Kyle a hug? Poor guy.

I’m glad Julia didn’t back down from her play, she is totally right and Tom was being a jerk with the whole director thing. It’s so ridiculously childish for him to not want to write with her in the future because she’s doing this one project without him, but I’m hoping that will get resolved before the end of the season.

While I’m still enjoying the fact that Ivy is brushing Derek off, I’m not sure how I feel about Karen suddenly wanting to jump him. Is she going to play a ‘bad girl’ like the song said? Seems incredibly out of character for her, not to mention kind of a jerk move since she knows Derek was interested in her and she’s most likely doing this to get back at Jimmy.

With all of that, I have to say I’m ignoring the last few seconds of the episode. Having someone get hit by a car to create drama is such an easy, overused plot device. Was that really necessary? I’m going to keep pretending it didn’t happen and hope it doesn’t turn into a big focus so I can keep on enjoying the episodes this season. Four more to go!

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