‘Hart of Dixie’ Season Finale Preview: Zoe and Wade face the morning after

Photo Credit: The CW

Has everyone recovered from last week’s Hart of Dixie’s surprise ending? Zoe asking Wade to spend the night with her because she needed comfort probably wasn’t the reunion fans of the couple had been dreaming of since the awful cheating storyline, but it still felt like a step in the right direction.

Of course, Zoe might not see it that way and George definitely won’t. After ending things with Tansy (boo!) because he didn’t want to leave Bluebell, George heads over to Zoe’s place and is none too pleased to see Wade emerging from the bathroom in a towel. Zoe attempts to convince him that it doesn’t mean anything and her feelings for him are genuine, but George isn’t buying it (neither are we, Zoe).

But relationships are not the only focus of the second season finale, “On the Road Again.” Zoe is headed back to New York and while she’s there, she gets an offer that she might not be able to refuse from her old boss. Since the show was renewed for a third season, we’re pretty sure Zoe won’t leave Bluebell for good, but maybe a change of scenery for a few months wouldn’t be the worst thing for Dr. Hart.

Elsewhere, George discusses his relationship failures with Lily Anne, Wade and Lemon scramble to convince Gloriana to perform at the Rammer Jammer (we’re hearing our favorite business partners might actually have something good happen for them in this episode) and Lavon learns his rivalry with the next town’s mayor is back on when something dear to him is stolen. Can the townspeople help him get it back?

Hart of Dixie airs its second season finale on Tuesday, May 7 on The CW.