All My Children, One Life to Live Preview: July 1-15, 2013

Photo: The Online Network


ALL MY CHILDREN – Chapter 11, Part 1: Zach and Lea receive the missing piece of the puzzle in the mysterious death of Uri. Will it be enough to clear Zach of murder or further incriminate him?  Colby baits Celia into helping her plan a gala for Chandler Media, but what’s her ulterior motive?  Heather moves in on AJ and Miranda, but will she be able to accept their close friendship?

ALL MY CHILDREN – Chapter 11, Part 2: Kendall returns—but does she come back to Pine Valley?  JR gives Cara a surprise she won’t forget.  Jesse tells Uri their partnership is over. Is it the end or does Jesse bring more danger to his family?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Chapter 11, Part 1: Nora warns Viki about Dorian’s true intentions. Bo discovers a new suspect in his latest murder investigation. Dani is stunned by what she finds at the Palace Hotel. Jack lies to Blair about his whereabouts.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Chapter 11, Part 2: Todd comforts Blair as they wait for the plan to unfold. Dorian is floored by what she walks in on at Shelter. Viki uncovers the truth about the Pellegrino Fund. Natalie and Destiny’s double date goes awry.

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