All My Children, One Life to Live Preview: July 1-15, 2013

Photo: The Online Network


ALL MY CHILDREN – Chapter 12, Part 1: In her hour of need, Angie finds herself alone.  Miranda and Bianca reflect on their journey together over the years.  Will Zach and Lea finally give in to the passion that’s building between them?

ALL MY CHILDREN – Chapter 12, Part 2: Once Zach learns that Jesse had a hand in framing him for murder, will their friendship survive or will Jesse be in even more danger?  Dimitri tells Brooke to pack her bags—they have plans together.  Colby comes up with a sure-fire way to raise money for the Miranda Center, but will she be able to take the heat?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Chapter 12, Part 1: David must choose between his reality show and Dorian. Viki takes advice from an unexpected source. An accident occurs at Dani and Jeffrey’s fitness class.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Chapter 12, Part 2: Destiny confronts Dani about her relationship with Matthew. Cutter surprises Natalie at her apartment. Todd and Blair wait out in Todd’s hotel room.

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