‘The Fosters’ Preview: What else is Callie hiding about her past?

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Brandon is faced with a difficult decision while Jesus continues his relation with Lexi.

In next week’s episode titled, ‘Hostile Act,’ the Fosters household feeling a little cramped, Mike asks Brandon to move in with him, creating further tension between his parents. Stef doesn’t believe it’s a decision that her teenage son should make while Mike thinks he should have the choice. Which side will win?

When Marianna learns of Jesus and Lexi’s relationship, she’s anything but supportive. The two vow to end their relationship, but may realize their relationship is too hard to resist. Meanwhile, Callie is upset that Marianna let Jesus take the fall for the missing pills. One of Callie’s teachers gives her a writing assignment to discuss her own guilt in regard to the pills, but what she writes about has nothing to do with drugs. Callie pens a dark secret from her past.

Melanie Mayron directed the episode written by David Ehrman.

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