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‘The Fosters’ Preview: What is Jesus risking to protect Mariana?

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In next week’s episode ‘Consequently,’ Brandon’s biological parents argue his punishment for missing his recital and Jesus puts himself at risk to protect Mariana.

When Lena and Stef decide not to punish Brandon after ditching school and helping Callie rescue Jude, Mike disagrees and the parents come to blows. Brandon ends up grounded, but plans to sneak away and visit his girlfriend when his parents go out of town.

Jesus stops taking his medication to cover for the medicine that Mariana took and sold, resulting in him getting in a fight with a fellow student. Later, a student is discovered with Jesus’ pills and fingers are pointed at Callie. Mariana stands aside while Callie takes the fall, but the guilt eats at her. Will she fess up to her actions? Meanwhile, Jesus begins a relationship with Mariana’s best friend, Lexi.

The Fosters work to keep Callie and Jude in their home, but tensions mount between the children. Will they be able to cohabitate successfully?

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