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General Hospital Teasers: June 10 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Carly quest for vengeance leads to unexpected collateral damage. Will Carly come clean about her role in the hit gone wrong? Get a sneak peek of what’s to come in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital teasers for the week of June 10.

[notice]Editor’s Note: Beginning this week, you’ll notice a change in the way we present our previews. The goal of our previews is to entice you, the fans, into watching the show, not give you the story ahead of time. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about our new direction, feel free to email me at editor [at] Our “Link Only” policy remains in effect.[/notice]

An unintended person falls victim to a hit gone awry. With Anna on the hunt not only for the shooter, but the person who ordered the hit, who will take the blame for Carly’s deception?

The fight for ELQ will lead to shifting alliances. Will Tracy convince her great-niece to back her in her quest to become CEO? Or will a new power player emerge in the form of Franco. The war for ELQ is just heating up.

Will Nikolas have a change of heart regarding AJ’s secret?

Special moments are shared by these family members — a reunion for one and bonding for another..

Sonny and Connie have an important discussion. Could this be the first step towards reconciliation?

Sam’s stress level surges when the last person she expects to see shows up at the worst time. How will Sam react when she learns of Silas’ move?

A romantic dinner could lead to one couple making love.

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Source Look Ahead: Week of June 17, 2013

AJ and Tracy’s battle for ELQ continues. How will Shawn and Alexis’ relationship be affected by this latest development?

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  1. […] Note: As in our preview for the week of June 10, you’ll notice a change in the way we present our weekly previews. The goal of our previews […]

  2. I liked the detailed spoilers better.

  3. Agree GH Storyline have not be great I have watch GH story some times stupid.GH storyline use pulled heart strings and cry with them.

  4. Why would people bother leaving messages if you don’t watch the show! Stupid people with nothing better to do! Love GH!!!

  5. GH has really been great lately, so many heart strings pulled, loved the s/l’s right now

  6. If we’re not watching, we’re not interested in the spoilers, either.

  7. Nothing will entice to watch gh sorry

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