General Hospital Promo: Franco Thinks He’s Jason Morgan!

Photo: ABC

Whoa. ABC has unveiled its newest General Hospital promo featuring a rather unexpected twist. Franco is…Jason? Before you jump to conclusions, remember that Franco, is in fact, a mad man. Just when you think you know someone…this week will make you think again.

The 21 second General Hospital promo features a badly bruised Franco (Roger Howarth) dressed as his late twin-brother, Jason Morgan. “You are a twisted freak,” yells Sam during their confrontation. A few seconds later you see Franco (as Jason) holding little Danny on a bridge while pointing a gun at himself? “It was always going to end like this,” the hooded Franco says.

In addition to Sam, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Ava (Maura West) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are highlighted as well.

[vcfb id=10102256934132713 w=640 h=385]

Sam doesn’t seem to be too pleased with Franco’s latest stunt, finding himself on the receiving end of a punch from his sister-in-law and maybe on the receiving end of her gun.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, weeknights on SOAPnet and available online at Hulu, and the Watch ABC app.


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  1. Please let this be an Ellie nightmare! Yes, Franco is unstable, but this would make him Heather-certifiable!

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