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True Blood Recap: Top OMFG Moments From ‘F*** The Pain Away’

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In the True Blood episode, “F*** the Pain Away,” Sookie got Lafayette to summon her dead parents; Warlow revisited some painful memories with Lillith; Eric and Tara resorted to drastic measures to rescue Pam; Sarah reconnected with Jason; Andy picked up the pieces of his ravaged family. Check out TVSource Magazine’s True Blood recap with top OMFG moments “F*** the Pain Away.” 

Lillith is Warlow’s Maker

Picking up where last episode left off, Sookie is about to use her fairy lightball to kill Warlow once and for all. Before she can do this, however, Warlow delivers a shocking revelation: he only killed Sookie’s parents because they were going to kill her. He also lets her know he loves her, just as Bill walks in and commands him as his maker to leave. Bill explains that because Lillith is his maker and he now has Lillith’s blood in him, he is his new maker. A flashback explains that in 3500 BC Lillith found Warlow and informed him that he would one day save the vampire race. We learn that Warlow massacred his whole village, leaving only one survivor: Niall. Warlow’s rage led him to find Lillith and murder her for what she had done to him.

Eric and Tara Attempt to Save Pam, Leading to a Shocking Showdown

Tara tells Eric about Pam being taken to the vamp camp. Eric devises a plan to get them both captured so that they can rescue her. Here Eric and Tara are forced to compete in torturous games and experiments to stay alive. Pam is interrogated by the vamp camp psychologist, revealing a bountiful amount of vampire knowledge to him. Willa, the Governor’s daughter, is taken to the camp as well, listed as “VIP.” Governor Burrell is thrilled when he learns Eric has been captured and Sarah has set up a trap for Mr. Northman: He and Pam are placed in the ring together and given stakes, forcing one to die.

Jason and Sarah Have Sex & Jessica is Taken to Vamp Camp

When Governor Burrell refuses to make a baby with Sarah, she takes matters into her own hands and visits Jason. Attempting to forget about his sex dreams of Ben/Warlow, Jason sleeps with Sarah. Jessica shows up at his house after draining Andy’s fae daughters and she and Sarah get into a heated confrontation. Sarah rescinds the invitation, forcing Jessica outside where the soldiers take her to the vamp camp. Here Jessica discovers Tara. When Jessica refuses to drink her blood the next day, a mysterious woman comes to her rescue and tells her that she owes her now. Jason decides he must rescue Jessica and joins the LAVTF in an attempt to infiltrate the vamp camp.

Andy’s Daughter Dilemma Continues

After figuring out that Bill has taken his daughters, Andy shows up at the Compton mansion looking for them. Jessica hides as Andy discovers that they are all dead except one. Andy rushes her to the police station where he gives her V, seemingly reviving her. She informs her father that it was Jessica who killed her sisters. Holly stops Andy from doing something drastic, calling off the search party and telling everyone the girls went back to their mother.

Terry Enlists a Friend to Kill Him

Still upset over having to kill Patrick, Terry enlists his former friend Justin to kill him. Justin agrees as Terry asks for time to “get his affairs in order.”

Alcide Continues His Hunt for Sam

Alcide is busy trying to find Sam so that he can get Emma back into his pack. His dad questions Alcide’s motives: is he doing it because he loves Emma or just to impress his latest girlfriend? This causes Alcide to lash out at his father, telling him to stay out of his life. Later, Alcide’s father discovers Sam and Nicole at the motel they are hiding out at.

Sookie Learns More about Her Past

Sookie asks for Lafayette’s help to finally discover the truth she has been longing for. Lafayette summons the spirits of Sookie’s parents, learning that Warlow wanted to turn Sookie into a vampire. This is why her parents tried to kill her the night they died. Corbett Stackhouse takes over Lafayette’s body and kidnaps Sookie. He takes Sookie to a lake and the episode ends with him drowning his daughter.

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