‘Suits’ Preview: Can Harvey’s British counterpart be trusted?

Last week, Suits reignited Harvey and Mike’s bromance after what felt like forever (or two episodes, but it was two too many). Harvey also settled Ava’s case or so he thought.

In “Unfinished Business,” Cameron shows up and arrests Ava. While the charges are a mystery at this point, it’s obvious the prosecutor was playing Harvey and Jessica. But what is his endgame?

Meanwhile, after losing Mike, Louis might have a new candidate for his personal associate. Katrina, who blackmailed her way into Pearson Darby in the first place, wants to win over Louis. Will she succeed and can he trust her?

If all that wasn’t enough to fill the hour, Harvey’s British counterpart arrives in New York. Donna seems charmed by him, but Harvey thinks he’s up to something. If he is anything like Harvey, we’re guessing he definitely has an agenda.

Suits airs Tuesday, July 30 at 10/9c on USA Network.