‘Under the Dome’ Preview: A water shortage hits Chester’s Mill

Ever since the dome descended on Chester’s Mill in Under the Dome’s pilot episode, residents of the small town have mostly taken it with a grain of salt. Sure, it’s inconvenient and strange, but aside from a few who lost their minds with panic, everyone seems to be living with the assumption that eventually, things will go back to normal.

But the upcoming episode, “The Endless Thirst,” gives the townspeople something new and very real to worry about: what happens when the town’s resources begin to dwindle and eventually disappear? It’s not like they can wait for the next shipment from the outside world. So what will they do?

The obvious answer would be panic and then start to fight over what’s left and that’s what happens in this episode. Water is running low and that opens people’s eyes to how bad things could get.

Elsewhere in town, Angie finally gets free and Julia discovers a strange connection that two of the residents have to the dome.

Under the Dome airs Monday, July 29 at 10/9c on CBS.