Days of our Lives Preview: July 29 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, as Will, Sonny, EJ and company rally around Sami, Adrienne finds herself with no allies and no forgiveness for her betrayal. Also: Eric turns to his aunt Hope for advice on dealing with Nicole’s feelings. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of July 29, 2013.

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Days of our Lives Preview: It’s Complicated (And It Shouldn’t Be)

Sonny continues to appeal to Justin to represent Sami. Adrienne tries to explain the rationale behind her decision to turn over the incriminating video, but Will and Sonny refuse to forgive her for her betrayal. With yet another new chapter in the drama that is Will’s life, he worries he’s preventing Sonny from having the life he truly wants. If only Will could see that his doubts could be the very thing that pushes Sonny away when he needs him the most!

EJ may have good news for Sami. Theresa has a new target in her sights…Daniel. A surprise witness could torpedo Sami’s case. Chad is taken aback when Stefano gives his word as a DiMera that he wasn’t involved with Bernardi’s attack on Rafe. JJ’s uses Lucas to advance his latest scheme, but an unexpected run-in with Nicole could expose him. Eric confides in Hope about Nicole.

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Monday—Chad makes a confession
Friday—Nicole and JJ have a heated exchange

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  1. Of course Will throws a tantrum when the world is not revolving around him. He’s just like his mother. I’ll be glad when Will is gone. I’m tired of Sonny’s entire life revolving around Will and stupid baby/family drama.

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