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‘Suits’ Review: Taking Care of ‘Unfinished Business’


Last night’s episode of “Suits” focused on dealing with a lot of “Unfinished Business.” Needless to say, there was plenty of it to be had at Pearson Darby. Harvey and Mike are back to being a team (thank goodness!), but Rachel and Donna had to recover from their big argument, Louis was left in the cold when Mike went back to Harvey and Katrina (unfortunately) still exists.

But before we get into the inner turmoil of the firm, let’s talk about Ava Hessington. After Cameron was forced into a plea deal last week, Ms. Hessington was set to go back to London, but she wanted to take Harvey with her (excuse you). While Harvey was politely declining the offer, Cameron interrupted their lunch and had Ava arrested for murder (WHAT?!).

It turns out that the shady guy that Ava bribed turned around and killed a bunch of protesters who stood in the way of Ava’s company. Cameron alleges that Ava had a part in it and he wants her held without bail. Harvey is not amused at having been played and Ava isn’t particularly thrilled either and makes her displeasure known to Mike and Harvey when they visit her in jail. But she never quite denies the charges; she just wants them gone.

Here’s where things get tricky for Harvey. He’s good at manipulating the law to do as he pleases, but he never outright breaks it (Mike’s whole fake lawyer thing aside). So the two have to put their heads together and figure out how to get Ava out of this jam. And it’s not just for the client; Harvey needs to win the case to win his deal with Darby to let him oust Jessica as managing partner.

Of course Mike manages to come up with a plan and admittedly, I’m a little sketchy on the details. I think they somehow turned the witnesses into plaintiffs in a lawsuit. Don’t ask me how that stops them from testifying against Ava, but somehow it made Harvey really excited and he became the winner. Or at least that’s how it seemed, but who knows if this Ava storyline is really over? I hope it is because I’m not feeling it.

Back at the firm, Louis was very upset that Mike rejected him and refused to speak to him. Harvey suggested that Louis get a rebound associate for a week just to get over the loss. Katrina decided she wanted the job and set out to prove herself to Louis. After getting thrown out of Harvey’s office by Mike and Queen Donna (more on her soon), Katrina retaliated by creating a cartoon video of a baby Mike being in love with Harvey…I cannot believe I’m typing this anymore than I could believe I was watching it. This may be a new low point for the show…for all shows, really.

Mike and Rachel continue to play the happy, secret couple. Rachel was whining about something (I may have tuned out during her monologue). The end result was Mike getting down on his knees and asking her to be his girlfriend. I’m sure the scene was supposed to be cute and Patrick J. Adams is adorable, but the moment itself felt over the top and kind of gross. Between this and the cartoon baby Mike, I was side-eyeing my TV pretty hard.

In a scene that actually was cute, Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross came face to face in the file room and awkwardly made up in a matter of seconds like only women who are true friends can do (seriously, it’s a trade secret). Donna admitted that she gave Harvey the push to forgive Mike and Rachel suggested that Donna do the same. Donna wasn’t ready though because she didn’t want Mike to stop bringing her lattes. But she did come through for him when Katrina was being awful so Mike knows he’s back on her good side.

British Harvey aka Stephen Huntley (yeah, seriously) arrived in New York. His reasons seem a little shady: first he was there to help with the Ava case, then he may have tried to steal it and at one point, he told Harvey that he was there to help him with his takeover. Harvey was not interested in anything his British counterpart had to offer and neither was Donna…or at least she did her best not to be. Stephen attempted to woo her with a flashy car and tickets to “Macbeth,” but Donna was not biting. However, she did admit she was in trouble once he drove away.

Harvey made it clear to Katrina that Mike was above reproach, no matter how much blackmail she had. Mike was pretty excited when he found out Harvey did that for him (aw) and Louis welcomed Katrina to Team Litt. Again, I need to say that Louis deserves so much better. Come on writers, give the guy at least one break…and please toss Katrina out the nearest window.

Finally, after basically acknowledging they both think Ava is guilty of murder, Harvey told Mike the whole truth and nothing but: he made a deal with Darby to push out Jessica. Mike looked a little shocked, but he remained seated and calmly took a drink, which obviously meant that he’s totally onboard with Team Harvey (loyalty, FTW!).

Okay so here’s the thing: I liked the episode because this is “Suits” and it’s always so much better than everything else. But it’s starting to make my head spin a little. Are we done with Ava or will there be other mystery charges brought against her? What’s the real deal with Stephen Huntley? Is it okay to ship him and Donna? I don’t, but Queen Donna gets whatever she wants (“Donna…it’s a name and a title…you’ll see.”). Does Harvey really want to push Jessica out or has this plan just spiraled out of control? I have so many questions. Is it next Tuesday yet?

Mandy Treccia
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