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‘The Fosters’ Preview: 10 Things To Expect in ‘Vigil’

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Last week, viewers were left stunned when the episode ended with gunshots. Will the family stand divided or come together in? 

Tomorrow night’s episode follows the format The Fosters has followed all along: an honest portrayal of the simple, understated realism of family life. When a family experiences a life-threatening crisis, they’re forever changed. For the Fosters, this shooting will always remain a breaking point in time. They will have their life before the shooting and they will have their life after shooting. No person will remain unaffected and the aftermath is likely to ripple through their lives for some time.

So, if you’re heart is still lumped in your throat after watching Mike and Stef enter Anna’s home only for gun shots to fire, perhaps we can ease your worries a little bit. Here’s a look at what you can expect this week:

1. Flashbacks!
Viewers will get a look back in time at how Lena and Stef first met, how the twins came into their lives, Stef coming out, and Stef and Lena deciding to be together. Stef’s coming out is an especially heartbreaking scene. It’s one of many in the episode that will leave you in tears. 

2. The shooting does result in a serious injury.
The surgery for the injury could lead to paralysis, which puts everyone on edge. Now I won’t spoil who it is, but chances are if you’ve poked around on the internet enough, you know.

3. There’s also a surprise witness to the shooting. 
The witness’ point-of-view of the shooting is going to become extremely important. After all, two officers did go into a home without calling for backup, one in uniform and not on duty, and shots were fired. That’s not likely to go over particularly well.

4. Mike’s drinking problem is heavily addressed.
Another flashback reveals what may have sent Mike over the edge and started his bout with alcoholism.

5. Callie is encouraged to go after Brandon!
The last person you’d expect (or at least I would) confronts Callie with her feelings for Brandon and tells her if she has learned anything from what’s happened, then it should be to seize the day. Will Callie take the push?

6. Brandon lashes out at Mariana and Jesus. 
When something like this happens to a family, it’s natural to point fingers. Brandon comes down hard on his brother and sister, so hard in fact that Callie chooses to intervene and point him in the right direction. This is one of those moments where the show shines. It shows how families can say cruel things one second and then be over it the next because underneath it all, they know it’s because they love one another.

7. Callie reveals more of her past. 
After appealing to Brandon to take it easy on Jesus and Mariana (another scene that will bring you to tears), Brandon asks her about how she ended up in foster care. It’s even rougher than you’d imagine – and will leave you wondering if Callie’s dad might eventually make his way back into her life.

8. This is the moment where children become adults.
The shooting is that precise moment in time where you see the kids come together to be supportive of their parents needs and emotions. Whether it’s Brandon driving everyone home and struggling to figure out what clothes to bring to the hospital or Jude’s tender reassurance as he hold’s a hand, you see the kids stepping up in a way they haven’t – the way their parents would for them. There’s just something really poignant about those little touches.

9. Jesus and Mariana share a really emotional letter. 
Worried about their role in the grand scheme of things, Jesus and Mariana dig through a box of their belongings and read the letter Lena and Stef gave them the day they were adopted. Cue the tears yet again! (Are you seeing a theme here?)

10. Forgiving a child isn’t always easy. 
One of my favorite things in this episode was the frustration felt toward Jesus and Mariana. It was real. It was rightfully so. And it was heartbreaking to see parents struggle with being upset with their children, but it leads to one of my favorite lines in the episode, “DNA doesn’t make a family. Love does.” This, of course, brought on more tears.

Bottom line: have tissues at your side – and maybe your favorite comfort food. You’re going to need them.

‘Vigil’ airs at 9 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

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