GH reACTION: Are You Team AJ or Team Nikolas?

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Who is the right guy for Elizabeth Webber — AJ Quartermaine or Nikolas Cassadine? That’s the question General Hospital fans have been debating for months! With the battle lines drawn, TVSource Magazine wants to know are you “Team Quiz” or “Team Niz” for our latest GH reACTION poll.

We know General Hospital fans love their couples. It’s these very ‘ships’ that drive debate on Twitter, Facebook, magazines, message boards and our very own Pulse Poll. Fiercely loyal and passionate, ‘shipper’ fans support what is and what could be. AJ and Nikolas represent two very different options for Elizabeth, each with varying degrees of complications and baggage, but each also hold the potential for a clean slate.

We want to know if you’re Team ‘Quiz’ or Team ‘Niz’. Cast your vote below and leave a comment with your reasons why you love your ‘ship’. The best responses will be pulled for a special feature that will highlight your comments!

Use hashtag #TeamNiz or #TeamQuiz to show your support on social media and when you share the link!

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  1. RC AJ & Elizabeth didn’t build some with them just mess up the story.Writers only ruining good friendship between Elizabeth & Nik be put them back together was stupid.Lucky and Elizabeth was over long time go writers keeping put them back together again was stupid in still of let Elizabeth move on from Lucky they keep bring them back together again stupid.Notice Elizabeth wasn’t in love Lucky no more Love Jason kill off Jake Change history think we are stupid be what they be sale to us now.Nathan Elizabeth AJ.

  2. Are you crazy?! After AJ threw Jake in her face? When something doesn’t go Aj’s way he lashes out like a child, I thought he had changed until Nikolas came back and then Jake Elizabeth doesn’t need another child to raise!

  3. Liz belongs with Nikolas lucky has given up his right to have her, and Elizabeth just used AJ to hide away from Nikolas it’s Niz’s time! Lucky has lost the right to be in Liz’s life, and AJ he lost the right when he threw jake in Elizabeth’s face!

  4. If Elizabeth has to be with someone else AGAIN, then let it be AJ. Nikolas and Elizabeth have a history as FRIENDS. Both of them are betraying Lucky and Emily by thinking that this is okay when it is not. It’s gross and immoral. It’s not love, it’s lust. The writers are only ruining a good friendship by pairing them together. Ick.

  5. Team AJ&Elizabeth why not writers never give them change play game with them again.I not go down the road again with Nik and Elizabeth Lucky again so tried of this carp again with writers no enough really.

  6. Team find Elizabeth a new man, Derek wells, rafe, sonny, I don’t even care anymore just anyone BUT AJ.

  7. I’m totally Team Nik. They’ve got the history, the chemistry, and story potential to be one of the great soap couples. Plus Nik’s an interesting and fascinating guy and AJ is a whiny loser.

  8. Honestly, how is it respectful to Niz fans to say that Niz never had romantic feelings for each other? It’s blatantly disrespectful. Moreover, it is an “aggressive” and wilful disregard of 1) the dialogue and 2) what played out on screen in 2009 and more recently. My issue is that for all of Liz’s protestations, AJ has not shown himself to be the right man for Liz. Yes, he’s better than he used to be, BUT sleeping with Carly after a fight was and remains a deal-breaker for me. Add to that the fact that he continued to cover it up, taunt Carly about their tryst, and then blame Elizabeth for his actions simply adds to why I know he is not right for Liz. Liz taking him back without him having to earn her affections again make her look pathetic and foolish and I am not here for that. Liz deserves better and AJ deserves to be with a woman who can be more for him than simply a trophy wife. The writers can put AJ and Liz together. But, for me, it’s too late. RC has effectively made me disengage with Liz’s scenes by continuing to put her with AJ. I can’t force them to do one thing or another, but I will not root for AJ and Liz when I know there is a man out there who knows her inside and out and already and loves her anyway, despite many her flaws.

  9. Niz history and connection has people shaking in their boot because they know that Niz is something special and rare. Niz bring out so much passion in the viewers that i can’t help but believe they have everything required to be a super couple!

  10. you just replied to reggie that your problem isn’t the affair, but now you are saying that you can’t accept them as a couple because of the affair, so which one is it?

    and correction, Nik has liked liz for a long time, he kissed her back in 1999, he even got jealous of her time with Jason. Youtube it. if you can’t find it let me know and i’ll share some link with you on Niz history.

  11. Well I cant Respect Nik and Liz as a legitimate pairing and I don’t go dissing Niz I respect your couple I said that I cant get behind them because of the affair and that they never had romantic feelings for each other but don’t go up to me doing that and it is call AGRESSIVE I respect Niz and you guys need to respect Quiz.

  12. Nik has done some bad things too and its not that brothers sleeping with ex wives that I got a problem with its Lucky arguably the love of liz life and the fact that before they never had romantic feelings for each other that’s why lots of people didn’t like that storyline so PLEASE STOP WITH THE NONSENSE.

  13. This is what Britt and Nicholas is all about. Not the love for the pairing that have not even shared a romantic scene but another anti Liz/ Liason group. Jason is dead. Jasam won and not every Niz fan is a Liason fan many are Jasam fans.
    Niz has nothing to do with Liason or Jasam. Sam is Nicholas cousiin. Britt is not Sam and will never be.
    If you are going to like a pairing at least be honest about why, But if you are waiting for Britt and Nicholas to be what Jasam was or Liason was you will be waiting a long time. Britt and Nicholas just don’t have that chemistry. And AJ and Liz have anti chemistry. The writing and the SK’s need to work with LW is two reasons but how about they just don’t have chemistry. TEAM NIZ

  14. Niz for the endgame! The history, passion and always love have me rooted to me seat. This is finally their time…Niz!

  15. Many confuse passion and assertiveness, for being aggressive. Niz fans ADORE Liz! They want the best for her which means, they never want her to settle. She’s settling with AJ. I wouldn’t have minded so much if she’d actually made him work to win her back after he slept with Carly and if she didn’t accept the blame he foisted on her for his actions. He had his bed buddy Carly’s help on that second one. I can’t respect AJ and Liz as a legitimate pairing for my girl after all that. Even now, Liz is just an appendage to his life. I’m not interested in that for Liz!

  16. I want to know how to get my daughters name off so I can post my own Niz love.
    I have tried everything…
    My sister, my daughter and I have all been voting here and in pulse polls and once my daughter posted a comment it will not let me. Anyway
    Niz are the next GH super couple if given a chance! Suzie2013!

  17. Attention “Ron C/Edward Quartermaine/NitchRLove/Emily Quartermaine/Dr Steve Hardy/,” we know you are all the same person. We also know the name you use to post regular comments. Stop it.

  18. *Douche

  19. Prince Douce? How old are you? But if my couple was losing by 2/3 of the votes, I would be salty too…..

  20. Wow! Niz fans are aggressive!!! Guys, this is a tv show!

  21. Watch your tone young lady! And get a sense of humor! :)

  22. And what does prince douche do? Show no respect to Liz who was sad about her granddad. Dr Hardy approves Quiz. AJ thought about Liz unlike prince douche.

  23. got one words for you….this is soap opera! brothers sleep with each other EX-wives all the time. Stop being so dramatic over things that are staple to soap opera. you can’t get past adultery, but you can forgive a child kidnapper, and woman terrorizer. PLEASE STOP WITH THE NONSENSE.

  24. Team Quiz I love Quiz they are amazing and they fit together they may have had some stuff hit their relationship but they are strong and they need to be together.
    Niz I just cant with that it was and affair and they were always friends and nothing more and I don’t got time when Lucky comes back crying no and that’s too much baggage Niz is done and Quiz is the future.

  25. The fact that you can compare Elizabeth mistakes of sleeping with men that loved her at one point and lying about a paternity test to AJ’s history of kidnapping, stalking, shooting his own father, and drunk driving that left his brother brain damage, and somehow equate them gives me pause. Quite obvious that you don’t know liz well enough to want the best for her.

  26. Team Niz without a doubt. It’s a chemistry thing for me. I tried to give each pairing a fair shake, but Niz’s chemistry is palpable whereas Quiz feels entirely platonic to me. Further to this, I would like to see all these years of longing and suppressing desire culminate in a love story. The thought it could happen has kept me watching GH this year.

  27. Liz mistakes are human, she doesn’t need to be with a loser like AJ because of penance. you stated that they do not expect perfection from each other, that is an obvious lie or you are watching a different GH! AJ used an information that liz told him privately the minute he got jealous, He implied that she lacks self control and a slut. HE SLEPT WITH ANOTHER WOMAN LESS THAN 4 HOURS AFTER THEY BROKE UP. He yelled at her on the phone and AGAIN implied that she was a slut. not to mention he is a recovering alcoholic whose first impulse at a mere failure is to drink! if he is such a good catch you can have him, but queen Elizabeth deserves better than AJ. sorry to burst your bubble.

  28. EM Jealous much? be careful your green horns are showing. You know damn well your loser brother is a drunk, shot his own father, woman stalker, and child kidnapper just to name a few! i understand you’re probably mad that liz was the woman who made your husband stop mourning you so you want to pair her up with the worst man possible, but child please you are DEAD so get over it. And you wasn’t saying all that when you were making out with Elizabeth’s husband while she was still alive, talk about trifling.

  29. Team AJ is the only one for me! They had me hooked from their first scenes, and honestly are the reason I started watching GH again. AJ and Elizabeth are each trying to overcome their past mistakes, and I love the fact they do not expect perfection from each one another. I love fact they have a clean slate together in which to build a future., without unrealistic expectations of each other. They know mistakes will happen, but they overcome them together. The way they light up when they together is just love! Team Quiz all the way!

  30. WTF liz is not a baby dispenser! AJ is a loser and doesn’t even care for his current offspring. to you liz may may be just a baby maker and you don’t care for her or her best interest, but to LizFF out there she is EVERYTHING and deserves better than that loser called AJ.

  31. Team NIZ off course! Queen Elizabeth and Prince Nikolas passion is second to NONE. Elizabeth is a real woman who needs a real man like nikolas! and the fact that they have 16 years history and an amazing chemistry only sweetings the pot.

  32. #ChildPLEASE

    Except for the fact when the REAL Dr. Steve Hardy was called upon by his grand daughter, Elizabeth asking him, does he approve of AJ? Who does Dr. Hardy usher through the doors? Prince Nikolas in all of his Glory, talk about a sign from above.

  33. Team Quiz! Elizabeth is a fertile young lady, she can pop up a few more Quartermaine heirs!

  34. Seriously?! Team Quiz all the way! Finally a good woman for my brother AJ! And finally a happy relationship for Liz! No more sleazy affair with my husband… Huh.

  35. Listen liason fans born again niz fans, I approve of Quiz from beyond the dead. AJ makes Elizabeth happy. It’s all I wish for my granddaughter.
    Dr Steve Hardy

  36. AJ Quartermaine & Elizabeth Webber, of course. A Quartermaine and A Hardy who both were/are have judged as the black sheeps. They fit well together. AJ & Elizabeth were puzzle pieces that did not quite fit into a particular puzzle. They may have at times in their lives managed to fit somewhere or seemingly fit somewhere but in essence neither really belonged. The longer it took them to realize that the more damage they took on and added onto the pile. Both had ended up in vicious cycles. They eventually lost whatever glimmer was left in themselves. Then they both seem to rebuild something of themselves before they met (again). Quiz see all of one another and do not shun bits-and-pieces but accept all of themselves. Credit and support is given as they strive to do and be the best persons they desire to be. Quiz acknowledge and know they will falter/make mistakes at times but so much far outweighs that. Both AJ & Elizabeth have found somewhere with someone where they do not feel out of place, they belong. AJ & Elizabeth are really smiling from head-to-toe, internally-and-externally and it radiates. Elizabeth lights up brighter than see ever has in her entire life since she has had AJ in the inner realms of her life (as well as Cameron’s and Aiden’s lives). Quiz see a future with one another (which includes the boys: Aiden, Cameron and Michael of course). AJ & Elizabeth are both all-in in their relationship.

  37. Team NIZ all the way, baby! They deserve to have a real chance at romance!

  38. Team Niz its finally their time!

  39. Team Quiz!

  40. Can we vote for another team?

  41. Actually team Liason but since we got cheated out of that…I will settle for Niz as long as they finally give Elizabeth a good story and quit using her to prop others, white wash people or as nurse #3!

  42. #TeamNiz- they hold the others heart in the hand. They bring out the best in one another. They are protective of each other. and their children.Liz showed Nikolas how to be a better father. And Nikolas brought out the passion in Liz. She thought she had lost long ago. Years of friendship, has proven they know each other better then anyone else. They complete each other. You see the love they have for each other in their eyes. Words don’t always have to be spoken. To hear it loudly. That’s a beautiful thing

  43. Def #TeamNiz, I could say because of Chemistry and truly that would be enough, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface…Nikolas & Elizabeth have chemistry in spades but add to that a 15 year history & friendship, an abiding love, a ton of available angst built in and oh yes they are gorgeous together. Nik is dark and brooding, alpha masculinity, while Elizabeth is ethereal and feminine. I believe Franco called her a ‘porcelain goddess’ …they are yin & yang; dark & light…just what you want in a soap Supercouple.

  44. I adore my Niz and cannot wait for the day when the writers finally reunite the two. It’s all in the eyes, no need for physical touches or words to be spoken. Niz can pull you in with just their gazes alone. There is nothing forced or contrived about this couple. Those gazes range from love, longing, sadness, happiness, playfulness, and so on. They truly make me smile when we are graced with their presence. Something feels so comfortable and SO RIGHT about them. 16 years, Nikolas and Elizabeth could not be more connected on every level. All I want is for Liz to let her heart win. Let go of the guilt and stop letting others dictate her happiness. They aren’t the ones that have to live her life, she is the only one. Year of the Niz!!!

  45. Team Quiz.. But don’t really matter the GH I know is long gone and it focus’s too much on characters that I have to FF thru. Barely watch anymore. God I miss the real GH :(

  46. #TeamNiz all the way. The love and longing for each other is in plain site. I like AJ and Liz as friends. I think AJ would benefit from having Liz in his corner. But there is no romantic vibes from them at all.

  47. Team Quiz. Niz should have been left in 2010. TC & BH have no chemistry and Niz is forced.

  48. Nik and Liz have been friends forever…they have history, a connection that will be forever, the love each other’s children, they make each other better people, they have ott chemistry whether they are laughing, fighting, or making love. How could I not support these two? There is so much between them. They have everything it takes to make a supercouple. And they always will. #TeamNiz

  49. Team Niz!

  50. Nicholas and Liz are best friends that are in love with 16 yrs of history.
    The show is trying to past Aj and Liz off as romance they have barely shared a friendship since he came back.. Some moment here and there.. Then just as Nicholas comes back they go romantic and Liz let’s Aj walk all over her and is ok with it… To me if tptb want me to believe in that relationship. Two things need to happen 1 they need to show them over coming things not just saying oh well. 2. SK needs to act as interested in the scenes with RH as he does in the scenes with MW, LW, SKu…
    He is a good actor in scenes with RH he does not seem to be invested in the story or the pairing at all..

  51. Team AJ! Elizabeth hasn’t been this happy in years. She smiles when she’s with AJ. She looks so miserable when she’s with Nikolas, the home-wrecker prince.

  52. That’s harsh Donna, but in fan war, there never are boundaries. I just think they aren’t suited for one another. Niz is where it’s at. #TeamNiz

  53. AJ is a Carly banging doofus. He’s just a fat version of Luckless. #TeamNiz

  54. Team Niz FTW!!!

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