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True Blood: Top OMFG Moments From ‘In The Evening’

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On Sunday’s episode of True Blood, Eric made a last-ditch attempt to save Nora by pledging allegiance to Bill; Sam ignored Alcide’s warning and returned to Bon Temps; Sarah vowed to get revenge on Jason; Jessica showed her gratitude to a fellow prisoner in the episode. Read TVSource Magazine’s top OMFG moments from the True Blood episode “In the Evening.”

Nora Meets the True Death

After being injected with Hep-V by Governor Burrell in the previous episode, Nora’s condition gradually worsens as her health deteriorates. In a last ditch effort to save his progeny, Eric visits Bill and begins him to use his god-like powers to save her. However, Nora will not accept the blood of Lillth and Bill will not disobey her orders. A flashback reveals that Nora was sick before Eric turned her years ago, leading to a final touching scene of Eric holding Nora in his arms as she disintegrates in his arms. True Blood’s tagline for this season was “No One Lives Forever,” and it is certainly living up to its name. In two episodes we have already lost 3 lives and my suspicions tell me this won’t be the end of the casualties.

Arlene Struggles With Terry’s Death

Still reeling from the death of her husband Terry (RIP!), Arlene begins lashing out at Lafayette and others. When Sookie realizes what has occurred she leaves Warlow/Ben in fairy world and returns to Bon Temps to comfort her friend. Back home, Sookie and Lafayette discover that Terry procured life insurance just two days before he was shot. This leads the pair to the realization that Terry had planned his death before it happened. Arlene begins drinking heavily to try and cope with the event.

Sam and Nicole Have Sex

While hiding out at the motel Sam receives word from Lafayette of Terry’s passing. Although warned by Alcide never to return to Bon Temps again, Sam decides he must go home to be with his friends during this difficult time. Before leaving Nicole with her mom, the pair has steamy sex in the shower. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Sam’s latest girlfriend lasts longer than the others have, but that may not be the case because…

Alcide is Caught in a Lie

Alcide decides it is time to return to his pack and tell them that Sam and Nicole are gone and that Emma has left with Martha. However, the pack has already found Nicole and her mother – catching Alcide in a lie. I’m not expert on wolf pack etiquette, but I doubt lying to those you are supposed to protect is heralded in the community.

Sarah Takes Over/Exacts Revenge on Jason

Sarah is heartbroken and furious when she discovers Truman has been murdered by vampires. The tears don’t stay around for long though as she decides it’s time for her to step up and become the new leader. She orders the guards to keep Truman’s death a secret and to dispose of his body. Now that Jason has no leverage over her, she has him placed into vamp camp. The lady vamps all want a piece of Jason, but the mysterious woman that helped Tara and Jessica warns them that Jason is hers now.

Other Developments (AKA: Who had sex with who this week)

Pam has sex with her psychiatrist
Jessica has sex with James, the vampire who refused to have sex with her the previous episode
Bill warns Sookie that her friends are in danger and not to let her anger at him cloud her judgment

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