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Broadchurch: ‘Episode 2’ Recap

Pictured : JONATHAN BAILEY as Olly Stevens and CAROLYN PICKLES as Maggie Radcliffe. | Photo Credit: © BBC

The tension continued to rise for the residence of Dorset as episode 2 of the BBC America series Broadchurch left us gasping and pondering with multiple red herrings and clues to answering the series key question: “Who Killed Danny Latimer?”

It’s been twenty-four hours since Danny Latimer was murdered. The police are fully investigating the Latimer household and it is there that they uncover $500 tied up in a wad underneath Danny’s bed. To make matters a bit harrier, they also found cocaine in his sister Chloe’s room.  Ellie questions Chloe about the two items, and after a bit of pressure she reveals that she was simply holding onto the coke for a customer of Becca Fisher (the local Bed and Breakfast owner),  Chloe however wouldn’t reveal where she got it from, though we later find out that she acquired the drugs from Dean Thomas her boyfriend.

Jack Marshall, the owner of the local shop and Danny’s former boss, gave Alec a call; he revealed that he had seen Danny and a local postman get into a bit of a heated argument. Alec of course follows up on this lead, but the postman was revealed to have been out drinking with his mates at the time of Danny’s murder, and was thus ruled out.

Beth Latimer had an emotional breakdown in the local supermarkets parking lot after realizing that she was the center of attention when an old man told her that everyone was keeping her and her family in their thoughts after their tragedy. It’s then that Reverend Paul Coates arrives trying to calm her down. She reveals to him that she’s pregnant, and that he is the only one that knows. He says that the timing hasn’t been right to tell her family just yet, and after Danny, she just can’t bring herself to do it.

Alec and Ellie meet Steve Connelly a telephone engineer and self-proclaimed psychic. He claims that Danny had contacted him, and let him know that his death was tied to the water, and that his body had been on a boat prior to being found on the shore. They initially shake it off as a load of rubbish, but Steve hits a nerve at the end when he mentions a pendant that Alec had worn during a previous case, and tells Alec that “she says she forgives you.”

The police move their investigation on the beach towards the hut on top of the hill. Alec asks Susan Wright for the keys, and it is revealed to the audience that she is in possession of Danny’s skateboard. As the team investigates the hut, Alec decides to question Mark Latimer again about his whereabouts on the evening of his son’s murder. This time Mark’s story has changed. He previously stated that he was on an emergency job for his company. This time however, Mark admits he was out with a friend. The only issue was he ‘couldn’t’ recall his friend’s name. It is then that Alec receives a phone call from Ellie. They had found a bloodstained fingerprint of Danny’s, leading them to believe this was where Danny had been killed. To make matters a bit more complicated, the only other sets of prints they could find, were those of Mark’s.

WOW!!! Okay so obviously Susan knows a bit more about what is going on than she is letting on, and I cannot WAIT to see what it is that she is hiding. I highly doubt that Mark is really the one to kill Danny. Yea he was probably out having an affair, most likely with another guy, whereas Beth is more than likely knocked up by another guy,  I really just found myself enthralled with the case, I really need to know who would kill such a young boy. Was it an accident? What was the reasoning? Why was Mark involved? So many questions, and so little time!

Anyways we are another week in, let us know your thoughts on the episode and who you suspect as the killer in the comments below.

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