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‘Suits’ Flashback Preview: What’s the deal with the can opener?


The next episode of Suits will take viewers back in time 10 years and hopefully answer some big questions. What really happened with Harvey and Cameron? Why did Mike never go to law school? And our personal favorite: how did Harvey and Donna’s relationship evolve?

Cameron continuing to use shady tactics in his case against Ava sets the ball rolling for Harvey to start looking back at his time in the DA’s office. Was Cameron manipulating him the whole time? We’re hoping this particular flashback helps get Harvey and Jessica back on the same page.

The Other Time” also has Mike reminiscing about his past, which unfortunately includes his old friend Trevor. Judging by the promo, it seems that Trevor and his antics might be the reason Mike has to lie about having a law degree instead of actually earning one.

The video promo also shows some very flirty moments between Donna and Harvey (she’s holding whipped cream, people). But Donna and Harvey have both sworn that there’s never been anything romantic between us? Will this episode finally explain why that is? Then, there’s the manner of the mysterious can opener. What do they do with that?!

Suits airs Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 10/9c on USA Network.

Mandy Treccia
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