‘Under the Dome’ Preview: What is Angie’s connection to the dome?

Major things are happening in Chester’s Mill in the next episode of Under the Dome. In “The Fourth Hand,” Big Jim imposes a restriction on people’s rights, Junior and Angie are reunited and a new woman shows up with a connection to two surprising people.

Now that Ollie is out of the way, Big Jim once again wants to assert his authority over the town and tells Linda that he wants to collect everyone’s guns. Love it or hate it, the second amendment is still a thing so we’re guessing this might not go over so well with the town’s residents.

Junior shows up at the diner to see Angie and she’s definitely not happy to see him. As she’s in the process of ordering him to get out, she begins to have a seizure and mutters the same thing Joe and Norrie did: “The pink stars are falling in line.” After we got to see her butterfly tattoo last week, we’re excited to see how this story plays out.

Finally, The Following’s Natalie Zea makes her debut as a woman named Maxine. We don’t know much about her character, but she is connected to Big Jim and to Barbie. We’re curious to see how that happened (and also where she’s been hiding the past eight episodes).

Under the Dome airs Monday, Aug. 19 at 10/9c on CBS.