General Hospital Summer Evaluation: The Hits and Misses

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Chad Duell (Michael), Kristen Alderson (Lauren Frank) and Bryan Craig (Morgan) in a scene that airs the week of May 27, 2013 on ABC's "General Hospital."  | Photo Credit:  Ron Tom/ABC
Chad Duell (Michael), Kristen Alderson (Lauren Frank) and Bryan Craig (Morgan) in a scene that airs the week of May 27, 2013 on ABC’s “General Hospital.” | Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

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Corinthos’ Brother Love Triangle
It’s hard to believe anyone in this triangle is actually in love the other. It’s more of a tug of war between two brothers; with underlying tension due to their complicated family dynamics. The familial strife is where this story turns to gold. Morgan’s issues with his parents’ favoritism towards Michael are all very valid and painted a sympathetic picture. He’s always felt like he didn’t belong; like he came second to Michael’s happiness. The one time he finds someone who he thinks loves him, he’s supposed to cast aside his desires because of Michael’s happiness.

Morgan’s inferiority complex turned a sympathy picture have a relatable factor, but Michael’s insensitivity is wearing thin. We like Michael, but we’re having trouble rooting for him. He seems completely unconcerned with the fact that Morgan is with Kiki. There is a strange and unattractive sense of entitlement. We believe that Michael just lacks the awareness, due to his upbringing, to realize his actions are wrong. That doesn’t make it less annoying though. This triangle needs to take a bit of a step back.

There have been moments that have made us hopeful for improvement. We enjoyed Morgan comforting Kiki after she told Franco he wasn’t her father. There was also a heart-to-heart scene with Michael and Kiki that showed that the pair, while still learning about each other, had some compatibility. But at this point, we’d rather see what would happen if Morgan and Ava hooked up. Consider that fallout…

Balance, balance, balance
It would probably be easier to cure cancer than to get a soap’s audience to completely agree on one character or storyline. It’s never going to happen and there’s nothing wrong with that; differing opinions are what makes the soap world go round. That being said, no character or storyline should ever be on five days a week.

We understand that some of the recurring actors/actresses have limited availability and that’s fine, but contract players and stories need to be better spread out. No one wants to see a cliffhanger ignored the next day, but at the same time, we don’t need to see eight characters discussing Kiki’s paternity all week long. It slows down momentum for storylines and it also makes it easier for viewers to start skipping days when it feels like we’re watching the same thing we saw less than 24 hours earlier. GH has a large, fantastic cast. Take advantage of that, please.

Sam’s Love Life
Sure, Sam has had more important things to worry about, but it seems she has been single for far too long.  We understand that she lost the love of her life a little less than a year ago (or just over in PC time), but it’s as if Sam was treading water this summer. Ultimately we would like to see Sam enter into a relationship with someone who is very different from Jason and maybe see a different side to her as a result.  The framework of a triangle with Silas and Ava has a lot of potential, especially if it echoes elements of the classic Anna/Duke/Olivia triangle.

It’s no secret that Monaco and Easton have smoldering chemistry, and we understand the desire to want to pair them up, but it shouldn’t be the only plan in mind. It’s never too late to do some chemistry testing with a few of Port Charles’ other eligible bachelors as well.

This brings us to another issue…

The courtship between Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and AJ (Sean Kanan) should’ve been featured more. | Photo Credit: ABC

More Romance
One thing we hope is prevalent this fall is romance. There was a lot of action during the summer, but we feel like the tradeoff was the loss of “love in the afternoon.” Don’t get us wrong, there were romantic moments (and they were pretty big), but there could have been more consistency. The smaller moments are just as important. Something as simple as holding hands, kissing, going out on dates – the courtship process – those elements build momentum to bigger elements and gives fans something to look forward to. And it’s nice to see couples doing normal things. When was the last time Dante & Lulu went out on a date?

That’s What Friends Are For
Whatever happened to Sam and Maxie’s friendship? When was the last time Elizabeth confided in Patrick? Remember when Carly and Patrick became friends in spite of Carly’s longtime hatred of Robin? Wouldn’t it be great to see those ties revisited once again?

Usually, when one is going through tough times, they lean on those who love them, including friends. If anyone would understand what Maxie was going through over the summer, it would be Sam. It would have been nice to see Elizabeth turn to Patrick for some advice as she struggled with her complicated feelings for Nikolas. Lulu and Carly were once really close (even after that whole Brooklynn thing). Why didn’t Lulu confide in Carly as she feared Maxie’s growing attachment to the baby?

Of course Sabrina and Felix’s friendship was strong, but when you have friendships and relationships with years and years of history, I’d be nice to see those beats played out as well.



  1. I have to disagree with the casting of Emme Rylan as “Lulu”. As disappointed as I was with Julie Berman leaving, my hope was that that a recast Lulu would be *that good* to make me forget about Julie’s amazing run as Lulu. Not only in the chemistry with Dom Zamprogna, a leading man. But more importantly as Lulu playing against daytime royalty as Tony Geary, Jane Elliott, Genie Francis (recently) also to include more recent players as Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson. Sadly, many of Julie’s former co-stars such as Steve Burton, Jonathan Jackson, Nathan Parsons, Brandon Barash have left for other comparison. ER continues to come across overwhelmed. I also disagree w/ the storyline of “amnesia’ to bring her on and see it nothing more as a cop-out for a supposed veteran to take on such a role. Frankly I would have more respect if she was literally thrown into the role- similar to Jen Lilley’s portrayal of Maxie. One needs to play the role rather than “re-define” a role, which was ER’s goal to begin with. Her words, not mine. Also Mark Teschner was not involved in the casting process. As ER did not audition for this role, but was literally phoned in by FV. Because of supposed Soap experience and a following.

  2. I agree with most of the article except the teen scene didn’t like that at all loving Ava surprisingly Franco and Carly is growing on me Roger and Laura just have that awesome chemistry the writers really need to take their time with this story

  3. This post echos my sentiments exactly.

    And if I hear or see anymore of Canco, I’m going to scream. They’re disgusting and no self respecting woman would dare even think to date the man who got her kid raped. On paper, in person, on TV, gag.

    And I like Roger, but I swear it’s the obnoxious and ongoing praise he receives for this ludicrous acting and storyline that makes me closer and closer to turning in my fan card.

  4. Excellent Summary … you hit my joys and concerns with the show very well! Loving the addition of the Jeromes and awaiting their battle with Sonny & Company. Also looking forward to Robin’s return and all the story it will bring with the super villains. I’m glad they have toned down Franco and giving people more time to adjust. Giving Franco back his Art is great, Roger & Laura work so well together, it’s always a joy and I love the progression of Franco/Carly story. Time to give Kiki a rest. Would love to see Michael work on clearing AJ from murder charges. The baby stories have been too much, but have enjoyed moments. Can’t wait for Maxi to claim her baby with Spinelli. Will we ever get Ava’s secret why she kept Kiki’s paternity a secret? Biggest problem is such a large cast and so many stories – this rotation is killing the momentum as you pointed out.

  5. The show had definitely hit a lull after the nurses ball but it has come back with a vengeance. I absolutly love Franco and Carly. I was worried in the beginning that we wouldn’t see the connection e did with Todd, but this pairing has the potential to be better, deeper and more complex. I also like Silas and Sam. I don’t care for Michael and Kiki but I see many people that do so that is fine. Morgan is phenomenal and the other stories are dynamic and keeping my attention. Loving GH these days.

  6. Who evaluated this? RC? FV? No real GH fan would have come up with some of these conclusions.
    For us, the show is tanking swiftly. The newbies are up front, vets passed over, and the pairings are horrendous. Maybe not the potential of Alexis & Julian. But Sam& Silas? Carly and Franco/Todd?
    No way, not ever! Smoldering chemistry?? In what universe? Characters are OOC, and not the least of them is Patrick, and Sam, and Carly,Michael, Spinelli……….list too long. Fans are NOT happy, and
    those watching now are themselves newbies. It’s OLTL version #2, and to put it simply, it stinks.

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