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‘The Originals’ 1×02 Official Guide: ‘House of the Rising Son’

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Watch out, New Orleans…Hurricane Rebekah (Claire Holt) is about to arrive.

Even though we’ve still got two weeks to go before The Originals officially premieres, The CW has already released the details for episode two, “House of the Rising Son.” But we’re not complaining because it brings our favorite Original sister into the fray.

The episode also gives us another flashback; this time we’re going back to the 1800s and learning something about Rebekah’s history with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). If you’ve checked out our season one wish list for Rebekah, then you probably know we’re incredibly excited to explore their past.

Check out the official description from The CW as well as the episode stills and then hit the comments to share your theories on the upcoming season.

“A FLASHBACK TO THE 1800s — When Rebekah (Claire Holt) arrives in New Orleans at her brother Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) insistence, she meets Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), who gives her some unexpected news. Concerned that her brother Klaus is up to no good, Rebekah seeks help from a reluctant Sophie (Daniella Pineda.) 

At her wits’ end, Hayley takes matters into her own hands, but things quickly take a dangerous turn. Determined to uncover Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) secret weapon, Klaus stays one step ahead and executes his plan. 

Meanwhile, after a run-in with Marcel, Rebekah is reminded of all the anger and disappointment Klaus has caused her throughout the years. Finally, Marcel enlists Davina’s (Danielle Campbell) help in his own dangerous plan. 

Leah Pipes also stars.  Brad Turner directed the episode written by Diane Ademu-John and Declan de Barra.”

The Originals premieres Thursday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c and episode two will air on the show’s regular night and time Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.


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  1. […] viewers might not realize Cami is a supporting character and not just a day player, but we think episode two will fix that. As for Davina, her scene is short too, but important, and has us asking even more […]

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