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‘Revenge’ Season 3 Premiere Review: Who Should Emily ‘Fear’?

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Revenge returned tonight with one of its signature season opening flash forward moments. This time, we witnessed Emily on a yacht in a wedding dress, sipping champagne and then apologizing to an unseen someone.

Whoever it was wasn’t interested in her apology – Emily was shot in the stomach and then fell off the side of the yacht, landing in the water before “Fear” took us back to the start of the summer.

Revengers Assemble!

In a scene that mirrors the pilot, Emily is there to pick up Nolan when he’s released from jail. He managed to get rid of the evidence and clear his name thanks to a failsafe he built into carrion. The two agree never to mention the words ‘initiative’ or ‘carrion’ again (and the audience cheers with relief). Ems tells Nolan that Jack left town after Declan’s funeral and she hasn’t heard from him since. She also gives Nolan a new house (she owed him one) and the two get ready for the next phase of Emily’s plan.

Charlotte Rains on Victoria’s Patrick Parade

The opening scenes of Victoria and her eldest son Patrick (Justin Hartley) show the two enjoying some carefree horseback riding, both beaming. If we didn’t know better, we might have thought Patrick was her new boyfriend and that’s exactly what Charlotte concluded when she saw the two together. The teenager had been in Paris all summer, dealing with the loss of Declan and her baby and she’s less than thrilled to be back in the Hamptons.

Her first order of business is tracking down Patrick at his hotel and warning him to stay away from her family. Patrick quickly fills his sister in on his real connection to Victoria, but Charlotte remains unimpressed and warns him to get out of town or Victoria will destroy him and if not, Charlotte will handle the task herself (looks like revenge runs in the Clarke bloodline).

Victoria is ecstatic when Patrick calls her for a visit at the hotel, but heartbroken when she sees his bags are packed. He explains that if he’s going to remain a freelance painter, he needs to actually paint and that he’s going back to the city. Victoria is crushed and later at Grayson Manor, lets Charlotte have it when she realizes that she’s the reason Patrick decided to leave town. Victoria is angry and Charlotte tells her that she’s moving out. Victoria coldly responds with, “fine” and Charlotte storms out.

Emily Plots a Red Sharpie Takedown…with Victoria?!

Oh, Ashley…you had so much potential to be an awesome character, but somewhere along the way, all that potential died. Ashley started the new season by attempting to blackmail Emily into helping her improve her social standing. Clearly Ashley doesn’t know who she’s messing with because not only does our fearless Revenger manage to set Ashley up to look like she leaked some very sensitive Grayson family information to the press, she also managed to get Victoria to help her ruin Ashley’s life!

The enemies came together at the airport to remind Ashley of all the trouble she’s caused and how easy it would be for them to prove that she was the one who sent Jack the text before the bomb went off. They’re giving her a chance to leave the Hamptons behind for good. Ashley tells them that they’re evil. Victoria responds with, “what we are, like it or not, is family” (best!). Later, Emily fills Nolan in on what happened and tosses a picture of Ashley with the infamous red X on her face into the fire.

Jack Kisses Emily…and then Shatters Her

Jack returns after spending the summer visiting his family with Carl. Emily goes to see him at The Stowaway and he tells her that he’s had a lot of time to think about everything she’s told him and then he surprises her with a kiss. Emily is fully onboard until Jack pulls away and says that he didn’t know how he felt until that moment and it turns out that he doesn’t feel anything. He orders Emily to leave him and Carl alone (how freaking awesome was that turnabout?).

Later, after Jack recognizes Emily’s latest handiwork, he goes to the beach house and gives her a warning: she has until the end of the summer to finish whatever it is she’s doing and then she needs to leave town. If she doesn’t, he’s going to tell everyone who she is.

It’s Conrad’s Party and He’s…Dying?

It’s time for the annual Grayson family Memorial Day party and security is tighter than ever because governor is only step one of Conrad’s political plan – he wants to be president. That makes things difficult for Emily, but Nolan is more than happy to make sure his BFF gets what she needs. Nolan parachutes into the party (best entrance ever) and a few minutes later, Conrad collapses in the middle of his speech.

He’s rushed to the hospital and the hot doctor diagnoses him with Huntington’s disease, which is not only fatal, but hereditary. Daniel might be in danger too. The family wants to keep it from the press, but it gets out, which means Conrad will have to step down as governor and the family is in danger of losing their only source of income.

Later, we get to see just how Nolan and Emily pulled everything off; from him slipping her the drug to put in Conrad’s drink to Emily changing the test results when no one was looking. Emily tells Nolan that she’s going to marry Daniel and then she’s going to takedown Victoria once and for all.

Other Tidbits

-We meet Margaux (Karine Vanasse), a family friend, who obviously has an interest in Daniel (we didn’t miss the way she called Emily his ‘girlfriend’ when everyone knows they’re engaged). Like Daniel, she’s got daddy issues and has started a magazine in NYC to move out from her father’s shadow.

-How awesome was it when Emily described her job as “making sure people get what they deserve”?

-Speaking of awesome, we love that Emily chose 8/8 for the wedding because of the double infinity symbol.

-Oh and did we mention that AIDEN IS ALIVE? We didn’t really think otherwise, but it was still fantastic to see him standing on Victoria’s balcony and explaining that he was there because they both want the same thing: to destroy the girl next door!

Has Aiden really switched sides? Will Jack be able to stay mad at Emily forever? Were you surprised Victoria tossed Charlotte out? What do you think of Patrick and Margaux? We’re guessing they each have agendas and we can’t wait to find out what they are.

Hit the comments and share your thought and we’ll see you back here next week!

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