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VIDEO: Wednesdays Are ‘Amellsdays’ with ‘Arrow’s’ Stephen Amell and ‘The Tomorrow People’s’ Robbie Amell

Pictured: Robbie Amell (r) and Stephen Amell (l) | Photo: The CW

Wednesdays nights about to become Amellerific with the hunky Amell cousins. In this adorable video, Arrow star Stephen Amell and The Tomorrow People star Robbie Amell tell you why Wednesdays are Amellsdays.

Did you know that Stephen and Robbie Amell are fraternal cousins? If you didn’t, you know now! This duo will make your Wednesday nights a little more interesting when their alter egos Oliver Queen/Arrow and Stephen Jameson take over your television!

Don’t forget to tune into Amellsday this fall on The CW! Arrow returns for its second season Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8PM/EST. The Tomorrow People’s series premiere airs after Arrow at 9PM/EST.

Aren’t Stephen and Robbie just so Amellerific?

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