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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Review: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Fearful Pranks Ensue - Episode 304 (Airs Wednesday, October 30, 10:00 PM e/p) --Pictured: Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau -- CR. Michele K. Short/FX

This week on American Horror Story: Coven, in the episode “Fearful Pranks Ensue,” a long-standing truce between the Salem witches and Marie Laveau was threatened. What moments from the episode stood out? Find out in our American Horror Story: Coven review.

It’s Halloween week and you know American Horror Story: Coven had to acknowledge it somehow. For Fiona, Halloween is a national holiday; she’s in New Orleans and put on a real witch’s hat. That alone was worth the visual.

The Walking Dead meets Voodoo

I’ve been on a Walking Dead marathon since I’m on the injured reserve list after an incident with a mandolin (the cutting kind, not musical kind), so I’m up to date on zombies wreaking havoc on live people.  Watching back-in-the-day Marie gather her supplies to make a curse to raise the dead reminded me why you don’t mess with the voodoo.  Anger a regular woman, and it’s a mess of trouble, anger a voodoo priestess and it’s a world of pain.  It’s “eye for an eye” at the most basic level.  Those racists lynched boy for no reason.  She took control, something that wasn’t available to most racism victims in the 60’s, and swung back. Right on.   Also, I feel not one ounce of sympathy for those “men.”  Knowing that Laveau will go “there” when angered enough sets up the end of the truce she forged with Anna-Lee and begins the next battle.  You know it’s coming as soon as Bastille’s bullhead shows up in that box – still blinking by the way.  Ew.  You just want to say, “Fiona, you in danger, girl.”

Witches Council

Hat’s off to Nan for throwing a monkey wrench in Fiona’s cover-up of Madison’s death and calling in the council when she can’t hear Madison’s thoughts anymore.  So, Myrtle, Pembroke, and Quentin show up to figure out what in the hell is going on at the school. Apparently, Delia is the absolute worst poker player in the history of the world because she starts rattling off all the mishaps of the last 24 hours, Queenie being attacked and her visit to Laveau, and the council is looking at her like “what in the hell are you talking about?”  Stop. Talking.  Delia.  Life rule: When you think you’re in trouble, you admit nothing until specifically asked. Why get in trouble for things don’t nobody know about yet. Also, pipe down about your missing rug.

What was fun to learn was the backstory of the rivalry between Fiona and Redheaded Myrtle. They hate each other.  Myrtle has been jealous of Fiona for 40 years and knows she had something to do with Anna-Lee’s disappearance and can’t prove it.  Madison’s disappearance is just what she needs to finally catch Fiona and win the war. Except she remains Charlie Brown always missing the football that Fiona snatches at the last minute. Also, Spalding cutting off his tongue so he couldn’t rat out Fiona for killing Anna-Lee after professing his undying love was hardcore.  He even kept Fiona’s secret by blaming Myrtle on that piece of paper.  That’s true ride or die, right there.

Life Sized Dolls

On the other hand, he does have Madison upstairs in his bedroom as his life-sized doll to match all the other old creepy ones.  I feel like Fiona has to give him this one.  He cleans up her messes and she looks the other way when he dresses up like a doll and has tea parties with a dead girl.  Friendship is about give and take. 

I told you never have sex with a Minotaur

Queenie needs to rest her uterus and never pull something this stupid again. The only reason she’s are not dead is because Fiona beheaded the Minotaur and literally breathed life back into her.  And since his head in now in Laveau’s shop, she doesn’t have to worry about him coming back to finish the job.  Nice touch having Delphine thanking Queenie for her life.

What in the hell did Delia marry?

First, I was surprised Delia was even married. Then learning her husband knew she was a witch and was just fine with it (see earlier recaps) was even more surprising. But then we get to this week and this dude is not only a cheater with a bad cover story – an FBI agent – but he’s a freaking psychopath. He bangs the random chick from an online chat room and then blows her brains out.  What in the actual hell?? He doesn’t get to have a baby. Delia, yes. Him, no way. Also, LOVE that Fiona straight up says, “Because Delia, he reeks of bullshit, and I don’t understand how you cannot see that.” Welp. Delia, you’re mother has spoken.

New Kyle

Zoe is realizing that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to bring Kyle back, especially since he’s now some zombie looking murderer (although I forgive him the murder) and he’s on the loose in New Orleans on Halloween.  Good times.

Additional Musings

I did yell “oh my god” when Delia had acid thrown in her face.  That’s low.  Someone *coughmarielaveau* threw down the gauntlet by going after the Supreme’s daughter.  In fairness, however, Fiona killed her lover….and all’s fair in love and war. Game. ON.

One last bit item of note, a shout out if you will, goes to Ryan Murphy. He’s holding the series together with a solid story and more importantly, by utilizing the superb cast to the best of their abilities.  Keep up the good work, sir.

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