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‘Arrow’ Season 2 Premiere Preview: 10 Teasers from ‘City of Heroes’

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Oliver Queen has failed the city.

Or at least he thinks he has, following the events in Arrow’s season one finale. The Glades was left in shambles, Tommy died (sobs!), Moira surrendered herself to the police for her role in the Undertaking and nearly everyone connected to Oliver was left devastated.

City of Heroes” picks up several months later and things are no better in Starling City. They might even be worse since the vigilante and Oliver have disappeared. While the press assumes he’s off living the playboy high life, Oliver has actually returned to the island that he spent five years trying to escape.

Since we’ve seen the season two premiere (and the second episode, but you have to wait for those spoilers!), we can share some teasers with viewers to try and tide everyone over until the episode airs.

1. Felicity and Dig have traveled to the island to convince Oliver to come back home. But it was not an easy journey and Felicity is a little worse for wear. She still has the best dialogue though and Dig is a close second. The opening scene is super fun.

2. But we understand what fans really want to know: what about Oliver and Felicity? While we can’t give away too many secrets, we can share that there are two moments in the premiere that will make fans forget all about how much they loved the scenes when Oliver rescued her last season.

3. If you prefer Oliver with Laurel, we’ve got scoop for you on them too. They’re reunited once Oliver returns to Starling City and their dynamic surprised us. Both are grieving for Tommy, but they haven’t turned their backs on each other. Does distance make the heart grow fonder? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

4. Laurel also has a new job since her old one was destroyed in the earthquake. She’s working at the DA’s office now and we first see her at a big event. But in typical Starling City fashion, the event gets crashed. Look for Laurel to have a moment to shine here.

5. While we’re on the subject of bad guys, copycat vigilantes are making their presence known in Starling City. They’re following the Hood’s lead and going after the rich and powerful. What happens when Oliver becomes their target?

6. Speaking of Oliver, he (obviously) agrees to return home, but he is adamant that he will not be the vigilante again. He’s only back because he wants to save his parents’ company and the jobs of everyone who works there.

7. Roy, on the other hand, continues his one-man crusade to stop crime in the Glades. He’s also working for Thea, who has taken over Oliver’s club (The fact that she’s not old enough to drink is addressed). Thea is not amused by Roy’s desire to be a hero.

8. The youngest Queen has someone else on her mind: her mother. Moira is sitting in jail and Thea refuses to visit her. She’s happy when Oliver returns, but his words about Malcolm being the true bad guy fall on deaf ears. Of course, it’s not long before Thea has a much bigger problem on her hands.

9. We meet businesswoman Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), who is looking to take over Queen Consolidated. Her low opinion of Oliver is amusing, as is Felicity’s assessment of Isabel’s pictures (You’ll see what we mean). But is she really an enemy or is she just doing what any smart business woman would do in the situation?

10. As for the island flashbacks, let’s just say that three is a crowd…

Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Summer Glau is coming back as Isabel Rochev in episofe 2×04 ‘Crucible’, judging from the production stills and teaser video for the episode. Check them out at

  2. […] Update: Added a teaser from tvsource magazine: […]

  3. I had already watched the first season of Arrow. The show is awesome, Summer Glau being on the show is icing on the cake!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Summer Glau again back on our screens. It’s gonna be really interesting to see which way the Isabel and Oliver relationship is heading. I wonder if she knows Oliver’s secret identity.

  4. […] Oliver Queen has failed the city. Or at least he thinks he has, following the events in Arrow’s season one finale. The Glades was left in shambles, Tommy died (sobs!), Moira surrendered herself t  […]

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