‘Castle’ Preview: Can Castle clear the name of his ‘Number One Fan’?

ABC/Richard Cartwright

There’s a hostage situation happening on the next episode of Castle and the suspect has an odd request: the only person she wants to speak to is Castle.

In “Number One Fan,” Emma Briggs (Alicia Lagano) has taken hostages, including a Wall Street banker with a temper, played by Young and the Restless actor Billy Miller. Emma has been accused of murder and she wants Castle to prove that she’s innocent.

While it might seem hard to believe that an innocent woman would take hostages, desperate times can resort to desperate measures. In the preview clip below, Castle finds an inconsistency in text messages from Emma’s phone. Maybe she’s telling the truth after all.

But will Castle be able to prove it before Emma snaps? Or will he heed Beckett’s warning and get out of there before all hell breaks loose?

Castle airs Monday, Oct. 14 at 10/9c on ABC.